You are a creative supernova

You are a creative supernova

You are a creative supernova.

You’re also a sensitive living creature and you need your needs met in order to unfurl the full magnificence of who you are.

The world is very loud about telling you to live at it’s pace. You have got to slow WAY the fuck down first, then find your own pace, then find your deeper magic.

What would slowing down look like for you?

Slow down can meant a lot of different things. What comes to mind for you? What part of your life do you want to slow down in?

We recognize that slowing down is not always possible! There are external factors that can make this impossible. And then there are internal voices that can tell us it’s impossible when it’s actually not. Notice all of your external obstacles and internal reactions as you explore these questions.

Journal about this for 30 minutes, follow your thoughts wherever they go and feel the feelings that come up in the process.

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You are a creative supernova

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