You can’t look outside of you for hope.

You can't look outside of you for hope.

I mean - there's so little hope to be found out there right now that it's depressing to try.

But mostly because - we're here to BRING IT.

Hope and light and creativity and new possibilities.

This is your work.

This is the theme for today's Creative Genius Planing Session - on Instagram Live.

How do we be force for positive change while the world is a dystopian nightmare?

If you are on this planet right now you have a role to play in creating a good future for everyone.

And if you have a business - your business can play a role as well.

Join me, let's explore this together.

Monday Morning Meditation (AKA Creative Genius Planning) is happening at 10 am Central, on Instagram live.

If you go to my Instagram account from your mobile device you'll be able to set a reminder, and also see this in your own time zone.

And you can catch the replay on my page after we're done.

(These live public meditations are only on Instagram, but I will be doing a more in-depth free class on Zoom soon - stay tuned for details)

You can\'t look outside of you for hope.

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