You do not have to know what your dream is.

You do not have to know what your dream is.

I was so delighted to read this, which someone posted last week in their Dream Journal in the Creative Dream Circle:

"I haven't had dreams for most of my life.

I have made damn sure my kids have nurtured their dreams. But I thought it was too late for me at 40.

Going through the Creative Dream Incubator now, and through every nook and cranny of the Un-Sticking Station almost every day since joining the Circle, I am learning that yes, it is time for me to have dreams of my own. 🙂

My dream right now is to figure out what my dream is.

And now I know, with the help of the resources in this Circle, that THAT is a valid and ok dream for me at this moment!!!!!!!!!

I feel so good and so "unstuck" right now."

You do not have to know what your dream is!

I would really like to hire a skywriter to write in all the skies, everywhere.

Finding your dream is a GORGEOUS dream on its own.

FINDING YOUR DREAM is work that will grow and nourish you.

Doing the work of finding your dream activates and energizes inner qualities that you're going to need once you know what your dream is, like trust and courage and inner strength.

Finding your dream is a part of the process. You do not have to know what your dream is before you can start!

Besides - working on your dream isn't really about your dream.

It's about healing and heart and soul growing into who you really are.

It's about feeling happier and more powerful and more peaceful RIGHT NOW.

And you deserve to have this now.

It's never too late. It's never too soon. You are ready right now.


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