Your work is never to change yourself.

This week I posted two new tutorials on my blog: How To Be More Creative and How To Be More Productive. These are the kinds of things I have to remind myself of all the time, which is why I share them with you.

They both give the same advice: Remember that you are a powerhouse of creative ideas and magic, and deal with the things that stop you from *being* a powerful house of creative ideas and magic.

I teach people how to make their dreams real by showing them how to dismantle and transform their inner obstacles: fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, etc.

Once you get rid of that stuff you're more connected to your True Self.

So you're more connected to your Inner Wisdom which can show you how to make your dream real. And you're also more connected to your CREATIVE FLOW. It's your CREATIVE FLOW that will take you to your dream. It's powerful enough to bust through the outer obstacles (or at least find a way around them).

Your work is never to change yourself.

To become more creative or more productive or more focused or more whatever it is you think you have to be to make your dreams real.

YOU are already perfect, just as you are.

Your work is to work on the things that stop you from being YOU. Once you're doing that - well there's no stopping you!

Today I'm flying to California for a creative retreat.

I'm spending a week in Oakland, at my friend Chris Zydel's intuitive painting studio.

Absolute heaven.

On my last day there, Chris and I are going to to a one-day online workshop together - all about working on the stuff that stops creative people from making their dreams real.

Facing the things that stop you, unraveling them, taking back your power, and getting in touch with your CREATIVE FLOW.

Join us for Gifts Of The Shadow: Wild Creative Momentum on Dec 4, 2018.