You’re Invited: CALM For The Holidays Creative Playdate

Calm for the Holidays Creative Playdate

The Calm For The Holidays Creative Playdate is a transformative experience for people who are ready to NOT get caught up in the craziness of the holiday season.

It’s about connecting, deeply, to peace, calm and your amazing inner sparkle.

And it’s about subverting expectations, transforming experiences and creating the holiday season to be what YOU want it to be: joyful, playful and deeply nourishing.

It’s designed for people who want to stay connected to their deep inner calm in the midst of holiday chaos like crazy-long line-ups at the grocery store, unrealistic expectations and the general crazy-making that has become the holiday season.

If you are DONE with the craziness and ready to play: this is for YOU.

You’ll create a totally unique custom-made-just-for-YOU plan for staying out of the holiday chaos.

The Creative Playdate with Calm happens on Dec 3.

We’ll start at 11am (Central, North America), with a tele-circle, then you’ll have time on your own for your playdate (guided by inspiring playbooks, and still held in the magic from our call), then we’ll meet again on the phone at 2pm for more tele-circle magics.

Or you can play on your own later on with the recordings.? Either way, you’ll emerge from the playdate more connected to your amazing inner sparkle.


Get ready to stay out of the crazy, all month long…

Calm for the Holidays Creative Playdate is free for all members of the Creative Dream Circle.