If you’re not ready to walk your talk then you’re not ready to be a helper-person.

Today the Small Coaching Group For People Who Want To Help People is starting.? (This group is sold out, but stay tuned I think I will do this again)

This is something I am passionate about – healers, coaches, teachers and mentors can make such an incredible difference in the world.? I was completely, painfully stuck with my dreams for so many years before I started getting effective help.

EFFECTIVE help.? Not all classes/coaching programs/healing programs are effective.

It’s true that what works for one person may not work for another and there are no magic pills.? But it’s also true that there are things that we, as helper-people, can do to be better at helping.? I mean this in the sense of helping our people more effectively and helping ourselves by being nourished by the way we do our work.

Tuesdays I usually post a new video on my blog.

I noticed that this week a part of me was kind of pushing me to make a video even though I didn’t really have the time or energy to do it.? We started the Love Your Life Creative Journal Class on Thursday, and the Small Coaching Group today.? I’ve got a lot going on.

(The Love Your Life Creative Journal Class is totally amazing btw – if you’re looking for insights, miracles and delight you want to join us today!)

Pushing myself to make a video anyway, even though I don’t actually have the time/energy/inspiration erodes my effectiveness as a teacher.? If I’m not taking good care of myself and living happily and gorgeously with my dreams then how can I show you how to?

Do as I say not as I do is a sad excuse for teaching.

People can feel that lack of integrity (even when they don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes, and have no way of knowing that you’re not walking your talk) and it diminishes your message.

In my classes I am quick to encourage people to take their time with everything (we have a rule about how you are never behind, you are always exactly where you need to be) and not pressure themselves in any way.

But when you make that move from student to teacher, from being coached to being the coach, when you step into your role as healer – you’ve got to step up.

If you’re not ready to step up and walk your talk then you’re not ready to be a helper-person.

Your integrity and honesty will build the foundation for your practice.

I remember talking to a client once who was a life coach, struggling to get clients.? I asked her a question about walking her talk and her answer was “Well, you know – I mean following your own advice is the hardest thing, you know?”

I let her know that following your own advice should be the easiest thing.? That if you are not your most successful client (at using what you teach) then you’ve got a serious problem.

And you can’t expect other people to trust your advice if you’re not willing to follow it yourself.

Your integrity creates the container within which the teaching/healing/transformation can happen.? It’s how your people know that they are safe with you.? That you are there in the trenches with them.

This particular client of mine was not happy with my advice.? But a few weeks later she emailed to let me know that, though it took some time, the truth in my words did sink in.? And it changed everything.? She was suddenly set free and everything was working so much better for her now.

Integrity is magic.

It aligns you with your inner truth, your inner magic, your inner sparkle and your inner superpowers.

And the thing is – it’s not about holding yourself to impossible standards.? It’s about being honest about where you’re at.

That business coach who can’t pay her own rent but her website promises that she can help you build a big successful business?? You can feel a weird energy from it, which is why you didn’t hire her.? Or if you did hire her, it didn’t go well and you wish you hadn’t and you are certainly not recommending her to your friends.

Now, if she would be more honest about where she’s at she could clean up that energy.? She could say “I can help you set up your business online, with a website, newsletter and social media accounts.” or whatever it is that she is good at.? Just leave out the parts about helping you make shit tons of money because if she hasn’t figured that out for herself she cannot help you do it.

And then, of course, since she’s sharing something that she’s good at and passionate about and being in integrity about what she can offer you – then she’ll start being able to pay her bills more easily, and as she starts to make more money then she can add that to her services.

There is always someone that you can help – someone who wants to be where you are.

Then, as you remain deeply committed to doing your own work the things you can help people do grow.? Because YOU are growing.

The trick is to be in integrity, to be working on your own stuff so you can meet your clients from a place of fullness and depth and solidity.? (Too many people leap into wanting to help others in order to feel better about themselves or fix their lives.? That is a recipe for disaster.)

Have sessions with yourself every day or every week as appropriate.

Be committed to using yourself and your life as a demonstration of the amazing stuff your work can do.

Stretch yourself to find out how much magic you can make happen in your life – THEN you can use that to help your clients create magic in their lives.

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