You’re wrong about why you’re stuck

You’re wrong about why you’re stuck

The only people who never get stuck are the people who are not going after their dreams.

You get stuck. I get stuck. We all get stuck.

It's fine to be stuck.


You're wrong about WHY you're stuck.

You're not quite seeing a part of your path clearly or you're caught up in something from the past or you just don't know what you don't know.

But once you see it more clearly - you'll also know how to get un-stuck. Those two things tend to happen together and they create the foundation for your breakthrough.

It really is that simple.

Every time.

We just make it seem complicated with all of the layers of stories we make up about why we're stuck and we can't get un-stuck, and also with a stubborn refusal to look at the thing we most need to look at.

I am not saying that you are the SOURCE of your stuck.

I'm working on a longer blog to share about that later this week - how a lot of New Age/Life Coaching approaches to getting un-stuck assume that you are 100% the cause of your problem and that leaves you powerless to get un-stuck when the cause of the stuck is any kind of systemic oppression.

And so the places where you have a hard time getting un-stuck are likely the places where your own stucks are intersecting with some forms of oppression that you face living in a patriarchal capitalist white supremacist colonialist culture.

Which does NOT mean that you are powerless to do anything about those stucks. It just means you need to take a different approach. But, again, I'll share more about that later this week.

Think about the place where you're stuck right now.

Really take a good long look at it.

And then imagine being un-stuck. Take a good long look at what being un-stuck will be like and feel like for you.

Then look back:

What's between where you are now and where you'll be then?

That's your breakthrough.

I know, it's probably all fuzzy and unclear.

It's right in the middle of your blind spot so it's very hard to see on your own, which is why it's so easy to be stuck.


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You\'re wrong about why you\'re stuck

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