A Double-Epiphany Conversation With My Stuck

I woke up feeling stuck but I did manage to get myself dressed, and on my bike, and to a favourite bakery/coffee shop which is where I am now, enjoying amazing coffee and the creamiest quiche tart in the world.

Still, I feel stuck.

So, stuck, can we talk?

😩 Argh. Ugh. I don't know. I guess. Remember when you rode your bike past that house and could hear a man screaming "FUCK" over and over and you were kind of scared? I kind of relate to him. Like I want to yell and scream and throw my feelings all over everyone else so I don't have to deal with them.

Yeah, I can see that. But you know that he DOES have to deal with them, eventually, and he's just making a bigger mess for himself and everyone around him, right?

😩 But it would be so satisfying in the moment.

Ok yeah. I hear you. I guess I am just always thinking of my future self and how to make life better for her so I don't want to go around making huge messes.

😩 And I want to make some messes. I want to not care.

That's valid. What kind of mess do you have in mind?

😩 Oh I don't want to MAKE a mess. I just want to know I can.

Oh, I hear you. That's important - to know you can express yourself however you want to. I'm sorry, dd I make you feel like you can't do that today?

😩 You did, when I was all "I'm tired and stuck and don't want to do anything!" and you insisted we get dressed and come here. I mean you were right, I am happier here, and I am glad we got the blood moving with a bike ride. But I also want you to acknowledge how I was feeling.

Well, yeah that's why I am in this conversation.

😩 Oh! Right. It's like I am so used to feeling like nobody cares that I don't notice when someone is trying to care.

I do care. I care about you, my stuck, just as much as I care about my future self.

😩 Oh. Whoa. I never thought of it that way.

Well it's true. So what do you need today?

😩 To acknowledge that you made some big decisions this week. Like sometimes you decide something and move on it SO FAST and I just feel lost.

(Sitting and breathing for a few minutes, focusing on how this feels in my body)

Do you feel that? That faster moving and heart-more-open energy flowing in my body right now?

😩 Yes.

That's what is fuelling this decision. It's ALIGNMENT, it's not "moving fast". I've been working on this stuff a long time, and when the next level snapped into alignment for me, I knew what needed to shift. Once I have that clarity and alignment it's really hard to NOT act on it, because then I know I am OUT of alignment. But I see how it can feel too fast for you. What can I do to help you with that?

😩 It helps to hear that it's about alignment and not about just making a fast decision and acting on it immediately. It felt like you didn't take time to think about it, and that's a bit scary to me.

OK this is FASCINATING. Because you started this conversation talking about the man who was just SCREAMING swearing angry so loud I could hear him just riding my bike past his house. And you felt like you wished you could express yourself that freely.... but when I express myself that freely - via taking immediate action when I feel that deep down in my heart and soul alignment - you want us to stop and get stuck.

😩 WHOA. I didn't see that. It's true. You are expressing yourself VIVIDLY by taking action on your inner inspiration and I was wanting to shut you down.

You didn't feel safe.

😩 No. But then I was jealous of the man who felt he could just be a big asshole with his feelings... so LOUDLY!

You wanted to feel.... what is it, entitled?... to express your feelings.

Just sitting with this. Feeling the stuck and bad mood dissolving.

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A Double-Epiphany Conversation With My Stuck

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