Join me for the LAST Live Creative Genius Planning Session this Monday

This Monday, November 1, will be our LAST live Creative Genius Planning Session.

It's been SUCH A GIFT to connect with people during these live sessions over this last year.

But/And something happened last week, I just started seeing the creative genius planning sessions completely differently.

Which is funny because during these live sessions every week we have been asking questions about our projects and dreams and to-do lists - in order to look at things from different perspectives.

And now I am seeing the experience itself from a different perspective.

I realised that I always hold back in the lives, because we are LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA which isn't exactly a safe space for inner explorations and actual alchemy work.

And the spirit of the Creative Genius Planning Sessions doesn't want this anymore. It's ready to grow and evolve and take a shape that better suits it's purpose.

So the Creative Genius Planning Sessions are going to get WAY better.

BUT in order to do this, they won't be LIVE anymore.

They'll still be free.

I'll share them on my blog and social media.

(I'll also share them in our private blog inside Dream Book where they'll come with extra resources and a private space for sharing what you're up to and getting extra support)

And I'll post them on Sunday instead on Monday, to give you more time to work with them.

I will definitely miss connecting with people on the lives each week, and may come up with a new way of doing that, just not with the Creative Genius Planning Sessions.


This Monday, November 1, at 10 am Central
f you go to this post on the Instagram app you can set a notification to remind you to join us.

Hope to see you there.

Join me for the LAST Live Creative Genius Planning Session this Monday

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