A peek inside my Grow Your Depth journal

The “other video” I talk about is here, the first peek into my Grow Your Depth Journal.? I also did a video tour of my Nurture Your Brilliance journal, here.

The beauty and magic of this work comes from your commitment to do the work consistently over time.

So the whole point of Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance (the class I’m teaching this year which you can still join today!) is to create a container than helps you hold your commitment to your creative personal growth practice.

For me, the main benefit of this work is in how I feel right now.? It makes me happier and more connected to myself.

Of course, when I’m happier and more connected to myself I’m more powerful and creative.

And when I’m more powerful and creative in my life good things happen.? Like:

  • I’m making more money and I’m having more fun doing it.
  • Really cool opportunities keep coming my way (like – I was offered an artists’ residency at the beach this summer!).
  • I’m now able to work on a project that I have dreamed about for 20 years.
  • After a long time of being single and thinking that maybe there’s just no one out there who is a really good match for me, I’ve started dating someone I’m pretty excited about.

Inner work does spark outer change.

If there is any change you want to see happen in your life, I promise you the path is INSIDE you.