A universal gathering of faith + miracles

Today my creative dream practice is too boring to write about. YAY! I did some journaling, have a list of things I want to do today, and am just... doing them!

So instead of sharing anything about that, I wanted to share a story from earlier in the month.

We had this "winter heat wave" in early February and I took the long way to the coffee shop - a 45 minute walk instead of 30. It felt magical to have such a warm morning walk.

This longer way also takes me down a much busier street. At one point, this man parked his car in the parking lot of a grocery store as I was walking past and RAN out of it down the sidewalk. I was watching him closely, wondering...

Is that grocery store open so early? I don't think so!

Is he watching for ice?! There are so many ice patches on the sidewalks, I hope he doesn't fall! (I'm walking so slow and careful)

Then, he ran right past the grocery store, now I'm wondering... Where is he going in such a rush?

I giggle to myself thinking maybe he is RUNNING SO FAST to get to the new cat cafe. He really needs to pet a cat. But no, the cat cafe doesn't open until later and he runs right past it.

I decide he must be going to the little cheque cashing/cash advance place on the corner. Maybe he needs quick cash and he's late for work.

He runs right past the cheque cashing place and now I am really invested. Like, how far is he going to run?

He goes into a building I thought was vacant and I when I get to it I see a sheet of paper taped to the door that says something like:

Universal Gathering of Faith and Miracles. Tuesday mornings.

I still had 15 minutes of my walk to think about this.

I was so invested in his journey, why?

Was it to show me - I should always RUN to get to a miracle?

Was it to remind me that the miracles are gathering?

I think they are.

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