Are you stuck? Good.

Even after 25 years of living as a dreamer, I still struggle with my dreams.

What if I admit I want it, but it turns out I can’t have it?

What if I find out I’m not good enough?

What if I go after this dream and mess up my life?

What if I put my ideas out there and people steal them?

What if everything changes and I don’t like it?

If you're stuck: GOOD.

Getting stuck means you're actually trying to show up for your dream. The only people who never get stuck are the people who are not trying.

Getting stuck is actually PURPOSEFUL too. Because when you really SHOW UP for your dream you'll be forced to stare down those fears, doubts, inner critics and limiting beliefs that have held you back until now.

This is actually how you grow towards your dream, by facing the hard parts, by bringing them the healing, transformation and growth they need.

(I did a free class where I take you through this process, called The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens. You can sign up for the replay here.)

There is only one guarantee when it comes to dreams: if you don’t try you will surely fail.

I show up for my dreams EVERY DAY.

I get stuck ALL THE TIME.

And I am grateful when I get stuck because it's through the process of getting UN-STUCK that I have made my dreams real. I have healed and changed and grown so much by working with my stucks.

I want YOU to join me in this work.

The Creative Dream Circle is my online training centre and community of kindred spirit creative dreamers. This is where we show up for our dreams.

We have a private blog where I write every day and invite everyone to come in and play with me.  Plus monthly coaching calls for generating MOMENTUM towards your dream, weekly journaling kits and an extensive library of dream-growing classes and tools.


what a dream really is

We are stronger together.

Together we practice showing up for our dreams and I'd love to have YOU join the group - I added a new $33 monthly option to make the payments as easy as possible.

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