The struggle is a part of it

the struggle is a part of it

Lately my Facebook feed is absolutely flooded with ads for online business training where each person is telling the same story.

  • I tried to build my dream business.
  • I struggled. And then I struggled some more.
  • I had $0.67 left in the bank.
  • And then I found the secret (!!!)
  • Then I made $1,000,000 in 6 months
  • Now - sign up for my free masterclass so I can share the secret with you so you don't have to struggle.

Guess what friends?! WE NEED THE STRUGGLE.

The struggle is a part of it.

Important things happen in the process of struggling with your dream.

As Joseph Campbell so eloquently said it: Where you stumble is where your treasure lies.

There are so many gifts to be found in being in the struggle.

This is where you grow. This is where you heal. This is where you uncover your superpowers!


Trying to avoid the struggle is stupid.

You don't need to avoid the struggle, you need to learn to work with it more deeply.

You need practices and tools that help you excavate the DEEP magic, lessons and growth that are at the core of the thing you struggle with the most.

That's why I do things differently in the Creative Dream Incubator.

I invite you to be on the path with me, to dig into the struggle and suck every bit of magic out of it that we can find.

Yes - I share my tools, but everyone uses them in their own unique way. One of the things that really delights me about the Creative Dream Circleis how I share an idea, and then the Circle members take it and run with it - each in their own unique direction.

We're in this together. But we're each on our own path.

YOUR intuition. YOUR ideas. YOUR magic. <--- These are the things you need to build your dream.

In the Creative Dream Circle, everyone is supported in creating their own unique path to their own unique dreams.

Now is the perfect time to join.

Our August Alchemy Class + Coaching Call is happening on August 27.

You do NOT have to attend live to get all the support you need! Just watch the recording after the call, and leave your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments and we'll discuss it there 🙂

This is the kind of support that grows even the most impossible of dreams.

>>> Join us here.

There is a new monthly payment option! You can be in the Circle getting all of the high quality support you need for only $33 USD.