Art Journal Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

art journal lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m re-watching Buffy right now.? I LOVE Buffy.

Last night I watched the episode where Jenny Calendar obtains an Orb of Thesulah in an attempt to re-ensoul Angel.

What struck me was the scene where Jenny is in the magic shop.? When she asks for the Orb of Thesulah, the shopkeeper drops his act.? “Oh, you’re in the industry” he says, and goes on to talk about how it’s sad that selling ouji boards and love spells to “tourists” is what pays the bills these days.

When he gives her the Orb of Thesula, which has the power to CALL BACK A SOUL, he mentions that they are most commonly sold as “new age paperweights”.

What I am noticing:

  1. shallow surface stuff sells, deep ACTUAL MAGIC stuff – not so much
  2. some deep ACTUAL MAGIC stuff is sold as shallow surface stuff

A lot of it comes down to levels of willingness.

To crazy-over-simplify it: we are like onions.? The ego is the surface layer.? The soul and all the dream goodies are in the center.

It’s simple: peel back the layers. Get to the goodies.

Except that ego surface layer has this trick it does.? It makes up stories about who you are.? Stories that live in that surface layer and are not actually connected to your core truth.

Stories that are carefully crafted to keep you playing whatever roles the ego thinks are going to earn you? _________ ( external approval, safety, love, etc,).

These are stories that the ego-onion has been whispering in your ear so long you form this attachment to them and start to mistake them for who you actually are.

So what happens when you try to peel back a layer?? The storyteller goes NUTS.

Of course it does!? It knows that if you start this journey, at some point you’re going to throw out the bullshit stories in your quest to discover your actual truth.

So this is where we get stuck.

Are you willing to look at what is ACTUALLY there in the many many many layers of who you are?? Even when it’s not pretty?? Even when the ego throws a tantrum?

Or would you rather stay in this “safe” story?

This level of willingness determines if you’re going to use magical tools as new age paperweights or if you’re going to use them to change your world.

Frankly, there is a lot of “surface stuff” in the art journaling world.? People take classes to learn how to make pretty pages with deep sounding quotes on them.

And their lives go on largely as they were before. Except now they have this hobby and their new hobby makes them happy.? Which is really great!

Except all that potential for transformation is just sitting there like a new age paperweight.

Or is it waiting for perfect timing?

Later on in Buffy, when they once try again to re-ensoul Angel, it is discovered that Rupert Giles had an Orb of Thesulah which he had been using as a new age paperweight all along.

Maybe there are no accidents and everything is unfolding perfectly.

Art Journaling is the ultimate Orb of Thesulah.

It’s sitting there as a new age paperweight, quietly beaming beams that call back your soul.

And you can keep learning how to make pretty pages and stay on the surface of the onion for as long as you want.? As soon as you decide that you want to dive in – it’s there for you.

This is why I call what I teach CREATIVE journaling.? It’s not about making art.? It’s about CREATING your LIFE.

It can call back your power, your courage and your genius.

It can transform the limiting beliefs and sad stories that hold you back.

It can show you clear roadmaps that lead to your dreams.

It’s all up to you and how you’re going to use it.? If you want some help finding the REAL magic in your journal, I do have a (FREE!) Creative Dream Journal e-course right here.


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