Calling all dreamers!

Working with dreams isn’t something you do, and then you’re done.

It’s a way of life. The best way, if you ask me.

At the heart of every dream is the desire to simply be who you are.

To live in a way that feels true for you.

Not dreaming big and bold just for the sake of dreaming big and bold, but not compromising or playing small either.

It?s about connecting to your heart, your soul, your purpose and your power.

And what the world needs right now are more people who are connected to their heart, soul, purpose and power.

THIS is why I’ve spent the last two years filling the Creative Dream Circle with magic potions and secret shortcuts that help you bring your dreams to life with way more ease and joy than you think is possible, plus tools for approaching dreams (and life) in a creatively play-filled, spiritually grounded way.

And this is why I’ve made the Creative Dream Circle more affordable than ever at $100 for a whole YEAR of magic!

The Circle includes crazy-amazing tools and resources like:

Un-Sticking Station

Un-Sticking Station: From inner critics to outer critics, from moments of doubt to facing the GIANT boulders in your path. This is where you detangle the tangles, transform the obstacles, smooth out the path and get the heck out of cranky town.

How amazing is it to have a place you can go to to get un-stuck?? The Un-sticking station un-sticks the stuck and gets you back in the flow in no time.? (This alone is well worth the cost of the Circle)

Creative Genius Mojo Dojo

Creative Genius Mojo Dojo: D?j? is a Japanese term which means place of the way.

This is the place of the way of living from your Creative Genius.? Your Creative Genius is bigger than any obstacle, and contains within it everything you need to make your biggest dreams real.? Living from your genius is a total game-changer.

The Mojo Dojo is full of tools and processes to activate + nurture your Creative Genius to make your whole world more sparkly and amazing.

Creative Genius Planning Sessions

Creative Genius Planning Sessions: Unleash your Creative Genius with a playful, creative process that is so fun you?ll want to do it every week.

And powerful enough to keep you in your creative flow no matter what the universe throws your way.

Crazy-Smart Wisdom Council

Crazy-Smart Wisdom Council: To bring a dream to life, you need a lot more than good advice.? You need crazy smart wisdom. We?ve got you covered.

Bring any and all questions to the Council and you?ll have crazy-smart answers in no time.

You’ll also get access to my gigantic library-o-magic. Videos. MP3s. Hours and hours of amazing ideas – none of this is available on my blog or in my kits and courses.The Library contains everything I know about being a Creative Badass (AKA: creating your life the way you want it – not living by anyone else’s rules).
It includes:


* The Creative Business Incubator (an in-depth course in the art of turning your Creative Dream into a sustainable business)
* The Abundance Activator
* The Visibility Tele-Circle
* How Meeting Your Fears with Creativity and Love Means You Never Have To Stay Stuck Tele-class
* Daily Practice for Activating your Superpowers
* Long, in-depth videos on topics like: Sovereignty, Self-Care, Desire, Enoughness, Superpowers (and more!)
* What to do when the Comparison Monster strikes
* Creating Containers + Structures that Nourish and Grown your Dreams
* Energy Clearing
* Success Meditation
* A huuuge section on What To Do When Things Are Hard

… and lots more! The Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library keeps growing all the time.

Once you’re in the Circle, you can even suggest what topics we’ll explore next!

Dream Journal

When you join the Circle you?ll get your very own online dream journal.

This is your space in the Creative Dream Circle to document your process as you play with all of this amazing stuff. You can keep a written journal or a photo journal, or both.

This is where you can invite in support + encouragement from other circle members and let us cheer you on!


And you get BIIIIIG discounts on the Virtual Playdates!? (Also known as: How To How To Fill Your Life With So Much Magic It Actually Sparkles.)

Virtual playdates offer deep creative soul support for people who are ready to make the magic happen ? and do ?impossible? things, with ease & joy. Treasure-mapping. Magic Tele-Circles.? Creative Dream Retreats + Strategy Sessions.? Crazy-good times.

This is not like anything you?ve done before ? these events unleash serious magic.? You can expect something amazing to happen every time.? The calendar of upcoming events is right here.

If you attend events even somewhat regularly, the annual Circle membership will quickly pay for itself.? Plus you’ll be in the magic.

SO?? Are YOU one of the dreamers I’m looking for?

Imagine what you can do with a whole year of Creative Dream Support.

Plus, if you join the Circle by Nov 11, you’ll get a FREE ticket to the Nov 12 Treasure Mapping Playdate.

Click here to read all about the Creative Dream Circle and join today.

I can’t wait to welcome you and your dreams into the Circle!


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