Calm Friday

Instead of being cranky about how Black Friday seems to be invading Canada this year and that it’s really hard to stay away from the nuttiness, I am writing this list of reasons why I am head over heels in love with winter:

  • The way the snow fall kind of insulates noise and everything feels softer.
  • The way the snow sparkles in the sunshine.? Glitter everywhere!
  • The moodiness of the winter clouds.? The soft grey sky.
  • The tree branches coated in frost.
  • The way the low low sun hits the crystals up in the loft windows and sends rainbows shooting everywhere.
  • The early early sunset, and the lighting of candles.
  • Knitting fluffy snuggly cardigans.
  • The permission to just stay in, because hey, it’s cold and dark out there.
  • Lattes, tea, hot chocolate with Irish Cream.

Winter is the season of quiet and sparkle.? My two favourite things.

And it feels like the beauty and magic of winter get hijacked by our completely insane holiday traditions.

Sometimes this makes me mad, sometimes it makes me sad.

This year I’d like it to inspire me to be more solidly committed to staying in alignment with my inner (quiet!) sparkle.

Because no matter how frantic everything gets out there, you still get to choose calm.

This is what we’ll be doing on Dec 3 at the CALM for the Holidays Creative Playdate.? (And thanks to my new plan, this is playdate now FREE for all Creative Dream Circle members)

We’ll also be exploring how calm is actually a superpower.

And how ending the year with a month of calm creates fertile ground for a dream-filled 2014.

Calm is magic.

And I am wishing you the calmest of Black Fridays.

Calm for the Holidays Creative Playdate


The Calm For The Holidays Creative Playdate is a transformative experience for people who are ready to NOT get caught up in the craziness of the holiday season.

It?s about connecting, deeply, to peace, calm and your amazing inner sparkle.

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