I (kind of) messed up.

Or, I feel like I messed up.? Even though really I didn’t.

When I started my Creative Dream Circle, I wanted to explore ways to work with dreamers on an ongoing basis (because dreams need ongoing support!) – outside of my classes and in a much-less-expensive way than coaching.

So I invited people who had been taking classes with me to join this secret private group, and started exploring how we could make this work.

The Creative Dream Circle was around for a long time before I ever mentioned it on this blog.

Over the past few years, it has evolved a changed A LOT as I have learned more about what does and does not work.

As I said, what I have wanted to do is offer dreamers rich, on-going support in growing their dreams, for way less money than ongoing coaching.?? And I figured out how many people I needed in the group to make it viable for the amount of work I put into it…

But what I did not include in that calculation was my internal overwhelm-o-meter.

That meter is what has kept the group small, even as I have wanted to grow it.

I have been doing so much energy work with this dream of mine and there has always been part of it that felt tangly… I knew I was doing something to hold this back.

No matter how tangled a dream is, consistent inner work will get the tangles smoothed out and then the dream will grow.? I know this is always true.? So I kept working at it.

And now I see it.? And while I would not change a single thing of what has happened over the last few years (and it has definitely served me ever bit as it has served the group members) I can’t keep doing it this way.

During our monthly (and often twice monthly) calls, I had a promise to make sure no one ever left a call with questions, I would stay on the phone as long as need be.? I love my dreamers, I love talking with them and it was time well spent.

But energetically, this promise meant I was holding space for each member.? Which is a beautiful thing that I loved doing. But my capacity for doing that is quite small.

And that is why the group needed to stay small.? So that I wouldn’t be in a state of overwhelm holding space for everyone.

And truth be told keeping the group small has served also my HSP-ness and introversion and my somewhat neurotic relationship with visibility.

I set things up so that I needed more people in the group than I was able to have.

I messed up.? Sort of.? I see it more as “this is the path I took to get to where I want to be” because as long as you’re doing your best to listen to your own heart – you can’t really make a mistake when it comes to creative dreaming.

You can’t know things before you try/do/experience them!? So I tried.? And I learned.? And now I’m adjusting.

Also: it feels to me like the way I grew this group was the exact perfect way to grow this group. This path has given me time and space to get grounded in my role, to feel sturdy and capable of steering the ship.

But now the group is ready to go from delicate seedling to sturdy tree.

I am happy!

As I make this change, I feel deeply connected to Trust, Generosity and Whole-Heartedness.

So I am re-structuring to make space for MORE dreamers, and MORE dreams come true.

This is where it gets a little convoluted.

I started working on this change a few months ago.

I shifted the pricing structure from monthly to annual, and made the Circle MUCH less expensive.

At the same time, I separated the monthly tele-events from the Circle, and instead offered Circle members 50% discounts on tele-events.

And now I’m seeing how I had it part right, part not-right.? Because to offer these monthly events, and promote each one, and the admin work of creating each one as a separate thing…. the energy doesn’t feel right.? I actualy feels downright WRONG to keep doing this (my stomach tightens up, my shoulders get tense – my body and intuition are screaming at me to stop), which is why I’m not going to keep doing this.

I’m going to go back to offering the events for FREE to Circle members.? At the new, way-low price.

As the group grows, I can’t promise to answer very single question on every single call.? I can promise that the calls will continue to be amazing and fun and they’ll help you get in touch with your dreams and figure out how to bring them to life.

This promise feels so much more energetically balanced.? I can hold this promise as the group grows.

I hold + support the group, instead of each individual member in it.

And I’m creating new coaching and intuitive healing programs for 2014, so when people want more individual support, they can get it there.

It feels like simplicity and spaciousness and ease.

I love it.? More dreamers + more dreams come true in the Circle.? More vibrancy, energy and movement.

Ever since I made this decision, I have felt light and happy – so happy my heart has been kind of sparkling.? A sign of making the right choice.

And I wish I had figured this out a few months ago when I made the first change, so I could have made one big change all at once.

But when it comes to creative dreaming, with each step you take you gain new perspective + understanding which lets you take the next step.? This is at once the most inspiring + the most frustrating part for me.?

It’s just not always possible to do this with neat, logical straight-line paths, the path curves and swirls all over the place.

So now when you join the Circle: you’re going to get EVERYTHING.

ALL the tele-playdates and treasure-mapping parties and group coaching calls.

ALL of my e-courses (yes, including the Creative Dream Incubator itself which we’re going to do together early in the New Year plus Creative With Money which we’ll do later in 2013).

ALL of it.? For just $100/year.

I hope you’ll come play with me, we’re going to have the best time EVER in the Creative Dream Circle in 2014.

PS: While the change itself is in effect now (if you join the Circle you’ll get all the extra stuff I’m adding) my website still has everything set up in the old way. I’ll be changing this over the next few days.? It feels like the whole internet slows down for American Thanksgiving, so this is a good time for me to work on this.