Checking in with my guided journal project

I've been working on the artwork for the guided journal project and it's such a BIG project.

I'm at a point of feeling disconnected from it, like I am focused on small details, and I lost sight of the big picture.

So I am using the Dream Lab practice to invite in the soul of my guided journal.

The field of Creative Dream Alchemy is BUZZING with energy. It feels like being in a disco ball. Healing, transformation and creativity are all turned all the way up.

I can't quite relax into it, it does feel like a disco, so I dance with it. Sitting in my meditation, I am swaying my whole body and it feels like movement is allowing new possibilities in.

Then the guided journal dances in. It's glowing and it wants to be known as the Creative Dream Playbook.

It's thick and colourful.

It's grateful for all of the explorations I have done around the artwork, for the ways it's all coming together.

It puts it's hand on my head and says "I'm fine. You need to take care of you. You feel doubt about if you're doing good enough. I promise you are."

So... into the Un-Sticking Station with the doubt.

It feels like we're connected to the disco from the Field of Creative Dream Alchemy, but we're in some kind of chill room.

Doubt is a dot on the floor. Like, it has arms and legs but it's body is a dot.

I sit down beside it.

"Ooooofff! I worked so hard on this and maybe it's all crap!"

Why do you say that?

"Because of how I feel when I look at it"

OK, I'm going to go get my tablet, let's take a look at it together.

OK yeah, a few things feel "meh" but THIS IS A DRAFT. My plan was to do all of the hand lettering with artwork, AND THEN go through it all. The "meh" stuff is all style choices that can change! But the bulk of the work - this is gorgeous.

The dot is now.. like a ball. Like the dot was deflected and now it's inflated. It's happy. It's leaving the chill room and going to the disco.

And I am getting to work on this artwork!

Update: Turns out the doubt I was feeling was ambivalence around some of the artwork part - and once I simplified my ideas for that, everything flowed again!

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