Creative Depletion + Filling The Well

Me, wrapped up in my rainbow superhero blanket.

Monday morning is usually my favourite time of the week.? I love mornings, I love new beginnings.? I love what I’m doing with my work so it’s always exciting to dive into a new week.

This Monday is different.? This Monday I’m starting from a state of creative depletion.

The past five weeks I’ve undertaken what I have been calling The Mystery Project.? This is the biggest project I’ve ever done and I broke ALL of my own rules for creative nurturing and extreme self-care in order to do it as quickly as I did.

Sometimes you have to break the rules.

When it comes to creating my own courses and everything I do in my business, I have learned how to schedule and plan in tune with my creative needs and cycles.? I give everything what it needs to incubate FIRST.? When you give the creative dream incubation process what it needs FIRST, the creation process becomes so much easier – everything works like magic.

Speaking of magic -? this amazing opportunity came my way.? A once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.? The kind of opportunity that, if I hadn’t jumped on it and given it everything I had I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

So I chose to work myself into a state of creative depletion knowing that depletion is temporary and I am skilled at filling the well.

There are schools of thought (and I used to agree with them) that say that balance is key and you have to focus on maintaining balance at all times.? I now think that’s horseshit.

Creativity is flashes of light and wild creative abandon and stillness and deep incubation.?? You don’t balance it, you dance with it.

Every part of the cycle is part of creativity.? Trying to stay in a state of balance can mean softening the edges of that natural cycle and dimming your light and dulling your results.

Success comes in being actively engaged in all parts of the dance.

And also seeing the beauty and joy in all parts of the dance.? Even though I actually feel better when I’m being actively creatively productive, remembering that the refilling times are just as important for productivity helps me relax into the decadence of exquisite self-care.

Right now, for me this means: naps, bubble baths, aromatherapy, journaling and lots and lots of tea. Oh! And some molasses cookies dipped in tea!? Mmmmmm.

PS: I’m doing TWO group coaching calls this month:

March 15: How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity + Love Means You Never Have To Stay Stuck

March 26: Creative Business Q+A Call

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