How Meeting your FEARS with CREATIVITY and LOVE Means you’ll Never Have to Stay STUCK

Every time I talk to a client who is really stuck about something, once when we get a clear picture of what’s happening, the problem is? that they are listening to their inner critics.

There is no other cause of stuck.? It really is as simple as that.

I know it seems like it’s got to be more complicated than that, but it isn’t.? You can only do one thing at a time, and that one thing can either be what your infinite creative potential is suggesting or what your inner critics are suggesting.

What makes it seem more complicated is that most people’s infinite creative potential speaks to them in a whisper, while their inner critics are screaming.? Your infinite creative potential is actually much more powerful and much louder – but if you’ve spent your whole life tuning it out of course you’re not going to be able to hear it!? Meanwhile, if you’ve spent a lifetime of listening to your inner critic of course you’re going to hear it loud and clear!

This is the stuff I wish they taught in schools.

Learning how to tune into the voice of your infinite creative potential and turn down the volume on your inner critic is the secret to success.

Every minute you spend listening to your fears, doubts and inner critics is a minute in which you are NOT building your Empire of Creative Dreams.

You may be so used to listening to them that it feels so natural that you don’t even know you’re doing it.

You know you are listening to your inner critics if:

  • You see a LOT of obstacles in your way.
  • You’re waiting for things to change before you can go for your dream.
  • You’re pretty sure if you did go for it, you’d fall flat on your face.
  • You have a lot of other obligations right now and don’t have time to dream.
  • Your dream is a nice hobby but there’s no way it could be a Big Serious Thing.? Best to hold onto that day job.
  • You totally want to go after your dream, you just don’t have enough time/support/money.
  • You have no idea what to do about your dream.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to be listening to your infinite creative potential instead?? You know this is happening when:

  • You see the obstacles, and you see ways to work around them.
  • You’re passionately mapping out a way to get exactly what you want.
  • You’re willing to fail but deep down inside you believe in yourself and you believe in your dream.
  • You’re seeing ways to set up your life to make room for everything that’s important, including your dreams.
  • You sometimes surprise yourself with how BIG you’re dreaming, and you love it.
  • You are determined to find a way to make this work, you don’t need to wait until you have the time/money/support.
  • You are filled with inspiration and really amazing ideas for how to move forward.

Learning how to make this internal shift is the most important thing you can learn.

Read that second list again and imagine what your life would be like if all of these things were true for you.

Here’s the secret: you can’t do this by OBLITERATING your fear.

Or ignoring it or burying it or fakin’ it ’til you make it

Because your fear is a part of you too.

Your fear, doubts and even your meanest inner critics are actually just a freaked out inner child.

  • Meeting that child with love calms it down.
  • Meeting that child with creativity transforms the situation.

You give it a hug and say “Oh sweetie, I see you’re upset.? Let’s see what we can do to make you feel better” and you explore.

The beauty, magic and power in this approach is that in order to meet your fear in that way, you automatically align yourself with your infinite creative potential.?

When you’re plugged into creativity and love you’re plugged into your magic and you’re in that place where everything is possible.? This disengages the energy dynamic you’ve been in with your fears.

Meeting your fears, doubts and inner critics with creativity and love will transform the situation, every time.? It’s the fastest way to getting un-stuck.

With love and compassion you work with your fear to create a new possibility.

Deep down inside, your inner critics, fears and doubts (AKA frightened inner children) want the same things you do.?

When you enter into a loving and creative energy dynamic with them you can now work together to get those things.

Want to experiment and play with this?

This is the essence of what we do in the Un-Sticking Station in the Creative Dream Circle.

You even get a recording called: How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity + Love Means You Never Have to Stay Stuck, where we create a beautiful safe space for exploring fears, I talk about how this works and then lead a few volunteers through the process so you can see how it actually works.

This is so abstract, it’s kind of hard to explain.? But once you experience what it’s like to see people work through the process, you’ll totally see the magic.

What you’ll get:

  • A deeper understanding of how to handle fears/doubts/limiting beliefs/inner critics
  • A simple process you can use to gently and effectively disarm your fears whenever they strike
  • Deep down knowing that you are not alone in this, which makes it a gazillion times easier to deal with.

I believe we are always either listing to our fears or listening to our creative genius.? Fears are good at masquerading as a lot of other things, like logic and sensibleness, and the better you get at working with fear, the better you get at identifying it so that you can spend more of your life being guided by your genius, instead of by your fears.

In other words – meeting your fears with creativity and love is HOW YOU CREATE MAGIC.

The world needs your magic.

PS: That longer How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity + Love Means You’ll Never Have To Stay Stuck recording is in the Creative Dream Circle.