Creative Dream TV: The Truth about Money and Creative Self-Employment

money & creative self-employment

Some days it feels like the only people who talk openly about money are the people who are making millions.? And it starts to feel like more money = more success. Which is not true.

Being successful with money is about having what’s right for you.

Being successful with life is about living in a way that lights you up with joy.? For me, this has to include being my own boss so that I can be doing the work that is the most inspiring and fulfilling to me.

While I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about sharing this today because it’s just more personal than what I am used to sharing publicly, I also feel like it’s really important that I do share it.

We need more not-millionaires sharing their happy money stories.

So today I’m sharing my actual story about money and being a creative entrepreneur.

I am 100% self-employed. I am single and don’t have anyone helping with the bills.? Of course, this story changes from day to day and week to week, but this is where I am right now:

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