The Creative with Money e-course starts today.? (There is no end date, since this is an adventure of healing & possibility – everyone is going to work through it in the timing that works for them.)

I know exploring money can feel scary/boring/superficial/sad and it’s natural to want to not look at it.

But not looking at it is not helping you.? You know that.

And healing money stucks is absolutely liberating!? Healing money stucks fertilizes your dreams and makes them grow like crazy.

The Creative with Money class is happening inside the Creative Dream Circle.? So when you sign up – you get a whole year of follow-up support.? With the tools and resources you’ll get in the Circle, one year from today you could be living inside a miracle, which is how I feel about my life right now and let me tell you – it’s the best thing ever.

The Creative Dream Circle is positively oozing with warmth and love and healing and possibility and support and creativity.? All the things that make exploring money easier and more interesting and more fun.

I hope you’ll join us today.


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Grief & Magic.

My grandparents: My grandmother made these giant loaves of bread every year for Thanksgiving, to show what she was grateful for.

Yesterday it was four years since my grandmother died.? My mom posted some photos on Facebook and I was all ” four years, has it been that long” and “no way it’s been four whole years already” at the same time.

It’s really hard to measure missing someone in years.

I thought back to four years ago, and how devastated I was.? My grandmother was 89 and in excellent health.? She was independent and creative.? She was living a full life and we were planning a big bash for her 90th.? Her death was very sudden.

I know everybody says this after people are gone, but she really was the best person ever.

And I was sad for me for losing her, but I was also sad for the world for losing her.

I was lucky enough to grow up with all four of my grandparents, and she was the last one I lost.? It changed things for me in a way I did not understand at the time.

It was my grandmother’s death that planted the seeds for me to leave my cushy office job and set out to live my life more fully on my own terms.

At that point I was already leading my own creativity workshops, doing spiritual healing & counseling and leading healing and meditation circles – all while working at my day job.? By then I had worked my way down to 4 days/week and was absolutely blissed out to have the opportunity to be doing what I wanted to do, even though I wasn’t able to do it full time.

At that time, I didn’t think I would EVER do my creativespiritual work as my full time gig.

But after my grandmother died it felt like something changed.

Frankly, it felt like time to grow up.? Which maybe makes sense – I was about to turn 36.

Though she was not the first person I have lost, her death really shook me up and reminded me of how precious life is and not to waste any of it.

And that happiness I was feeling about “only” working 4 days a week so I could spend 3 days devoted to my creative and spiritual adventures started to turn to annoyance.

It was only three months later that I moved down to 3 days a week at my job, and let my boss know that I would be leaving by the end of the year.

No one believed me.

It seemed to unlikely that someone would give up the security of a job with a generous pension and benefits package to strike out on their own to teach people about the magic of glitter and positive thinking (which is how my co-workers described my early workshops).

But I was determined. Not because I wanted to build a big business or become rich or internet-famous, but because I wanted to live my real life.

I realised that life was too precious to spend it doing anything other than what feels TRUE for me.? And I liked my job, but I couldn’t say that it felt TRUE, down to the depths of my being, for me to spend my days doing that work.

No matter how uncertain life as an entrepreneur is, it feels TRUE.

So yesterday I was taking that in.

How much has changed.? How much I have changed.? How I feel about my life today.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling super-great.? So I was taking it easy.? Drawing mandalas, re-arranging my work schedule to suit my energy, extra meditation, lavender tea lattes.

Four years ago, if I wasn’t feeling super-great I’d have been drinking extra coffee and maybe get a cupcake or something as a treat to get myself through the day.

Pursuing your dreams is a risk.? There is no doubt about that.

But I think we don’t think enough about what kind of risk you take in NOT going for it.?

I was imagining what I’d be like today if I was still in that job.? My whole body kind of tenses up.? I’d feel further away from my purpose and my creativity.? I wouldn’t be practicing extreme self-care as a way of living.? I wouldn’t have the Dream Loft.? I wouldn’t feel fulfilled by my work the way I do now.

That’s not who I want to be.

At the time, I thought it was all about money.? About how I needed my job because I didn’t know how to make enough money to support myself without it.

I thought the life I really wanted was impossible because of money.

In hindsight, that’s ridiculous.

It wasn’t about money.? It was about courage, and learning to trust myself and my creativity.? It was about stretching my comfort zone.? It was about how much more powerful I am when I am living in integrity with my inner truth.

And I promise: the life you really want is possible.? But it’s not going to come to you, you have to go to it.

And if you want my help sorting this out – I’m here.? My Creative With Money e-course starts tomorrow.

I can promise you that in this course you?ll meet money in a totally different way ? this is not like anything else out there.? You’ll see new possibilities for how to live your REAL life.

And I can promise to be there with you on the journey.? I?ll be active in the class forum, answering your questions, helping you get through the stuck places and cheering you on.

The Creative With Money e-course? happens inside the Creative Dream Circle.?? Once you join the Circle, you’re in for a whole year.? This means you get this plus ALL of the other courses I run all year long – for just $100.

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Creative Dream TV: Money & Healing


Today I wanted to talk more about the magic of healing your relationship with money, and why this matters to me, why I want to help you with this and what kinds of things tend to come up for people as they explore healing & money.

You are invited to come and explore this with me, and with other committed creative dreamers, in my Creative With Money e-course which you get inside the Creative Dream Circle.? We use creativity, imagination and play to lead you around the very sticky terrain of exploring your inner relationship with money and laying the foundation to create a whole new money story for yourself.

I can promise you that you’ll meet money in a totally different way than you ever have before – this is not like anything else out there.


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What I learned from my (former) naivete about making money online.

When I first set out to learn about how to take my small creativity and meditation workshops and put them on the internet and let them be my, like, real actual income, I sought out coaches and mentors who were making real money.

That was one of my main criteria for wanting to work with someone: how much money do they make?? Because if they have figured out how to make a lot of money online surely they can help me do the same.

Now all I can do is smile in embarrassment about how naive I was.

The truth is, size doesn’t matter.

What you need to live a happy, inspired and meaningful life is different than what I need.? More is not better.? Just right is best.

I’ve stopped reading all blogs where people talk about how much money they make, and use it as a selling point.

Not only am I not interested,? I am turned off by the energy that’s driving it and the message behind it.

I think they’re missing the boat completely.

The trick to money isn’t about hitting certain numbers.

It’s about being in right relationship with it.? FLOW. LOVE. CREATIVITY.

About how much easier it is to grow a dream when you can give it the material things it needs.? About how much sparklier life is when you’re indulging in the exact kind of soulful self-care that fills your well, and not making compromises in order to save money.

Because when you’re making compromises in order to save money, you’re out of alignment with the richness of your soul.

You can feel it, how you’re pinching yourself off and collapsing your brightest possibilities. And it hurts.

But you live in a world that is profoundly fucked up about money, and you don’t want to go over to the other side where it’s all about the money and not about the love, so it’s hard to even know that another way is possible.

Most of the problems of creative dreaming are actually money problems.

  • Like wanting to earn a certain amount and getting caught in a pattern of needing external validation.
  • Or playing the martyr.
  • Not having time for your dreams because you’re giving all of your energy to a job that does not make your soul sing.
  • Dulling your dreams down because you don’t have the right space for the kind of creative work you really want to be doing.
  • Playing small, thinking this is financially safer.
  • Putting your dreams on hold until that magical day when you’ll suddenly have more money.
  • Not quite trusting yourself to do that thing you really want to do and find a way to make it work financially.
  • Not seeing the infinite possibilities that swirl around you in every moment of your life because you’re afraid of what may happen if you go after them.

What it really comes down to is trusting yourself to create an outer life which is in alignment with your inner magic.


I’m not going to promise you some ridiculous 3 step program for overcoming all of this, but I do want to invite you to come and explore it with me, and with other committed creative dreamers.? Together we can bring in the superpowers of love and healing and transformation.

My Creative With Money e-course uses creativity, imagination and play to lead you around the very sticky terrain of exploring your inner relationship with money and laying the foundation to create a whole new money story for yourself.

I can promise you that you’ll meet money in a totally different way – this is not like anything else out there.

And I can promise to be there with you on the journey.? I’ll be active in the class forum, answering your questions, helping you get through the stuck places and cheering you on.

I know you can do this.

Creative With Money e-course starts on April 3 (this Thursday) inside the Creative Dream Circle.

When you join the Circle you get an annual membership.? This means you get ALL of the courses I run all year long.

One year from today you could be living in your new money story – the one that’s all about love and flow and creativity and possibility and magic.

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Creative Dream TV: The Truth about Money and Creative Self-Employment

money & creative self-employment

Some days it feels like the only people who talk openly about money are the people who are making millions.? And it starts to feel like more money = more success. Which is not true.

Being successful with money is about having what’s right for you.

Being successful with life is about living in a way that lights you up with joy.? For me, this has to include being my own boss so that I can be doing the work that is the most inspiring and fulfilling to me.

While I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about sharing this today because it’s just more personal than what I am used to sharing publicly, I also feel like it’s really important that I do share it.

We need more not-millionaires sharing their happy money stories.

So today I’m sharing my actual story about money and being a creative entrepreneur.

I am 100% self-employed. I am single and don’t have anyone helping with the bills.? Of course, this story changes from day to day and week to week, but this is where I am right now:

If you want to become a more conscious, empowered and deliberate creator of your money story, join me for the Creative with Money e-Course.

This course is deeply healing and magically transformational.

You can get it inside the Creative Dream Circle.

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Creative Journal Prompts for Abundance and Possibility

Journal Prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility

Your journal is a powerful tool for working on your relationship with money.

By spending some time exploring in your journal, you open up new possibilities for how you can use money.

The truth is, you are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than money.

And you're smarter than money.

And you're more creative than money.

Money is just a tool and you've got what it takes to use money as a tool for growing your dreams, instead of experiencing it as a pain in your ass.

These journal prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility will help you get started.

These prompts are for playing with. Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore - the aim is to explore the rabbit holes that come up, not to answer every prompt perfectly.

Even when you're not sure about your answers or if it gets frustrating - stay in the process. Write out whatever comes to mind, follow your creative impulse.

You may have to dig through some crap before you get to the gold.

Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance + Possibility:

So far, my experience of money has been _____________.

I wish that money was _______________.

My soul believes that money is ______________.

If I could write a new story about money it would be all about ______________.

Writing a new story about money feels ___________.

Being EMPOWERED about money would mean __________________.

Being HAPPY about money would mean _____________________.

Being CREATIVE with money would mean __________________.

What am I willing to do, to work on my relationship with money?

There is a LOT to explore here!

My Creative With Money course is available as a bonus when you join the Creative Dream Incubator Coaching Membership.

I know money is one of the biggest obstacles to bringing dreams to life - but when you start to work with money in the way I teach in this class that can change.

The soul of money is the soul of support, nourishment and possibility. It's purpose is to serve you in the unfoldment of your purpose - to help you grow into who you really are.

We live in a world that has a deeply broken relationship with money.

Greed and corruption and injustice are the manifestations of this broken relationship.

Unfortunately, when we are born into a world where money functions in these ways it's easy for us to wind up with all sorts of "issues" with money.

That's why my money class is actually a group healing.

I spent five years developing this class because money is such a sensitive topic. I wanted this class to be creative and expansive and supportive and above all - healing.

So we can go into those places where our own relationship with money is broken, and heal it.

So that we can get back to our rightful connection with the soul of money.

It's not about "getting rich quick" or "busting through your money blocks".

It's about deep healing which brings: delight and expansion and possibility.

A celebration of the abundance that already lives within you, an opportunity to use your inner gifts in new ways and an invitation for more to come find you.

Which actually DOES bust through your money blocks so you are free to create whatever you want.

I created Creative With Money in 2015 and now it's available as a free bonus when you join the Creative Dream Incubator Coaching Membership.

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Too many soulful creative beings are STUCK when it comes to money. It’s time to change this.

creative with money

Money is an energy.

You are either using money to nurture your dreams or you are using money in ways that sabotage your dreams.?

There is no grey area.

It’s not about how much you have.? It’s about how you’re using what you’ve got.

It’s not about how much you have.? It’s about how you’re using what you’ve got.

I repeated that because the idea that If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want is keeping you from using what you’ve got to grow your dream NOW.

I’ve never heard of anyone saying “If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want” and then going out and GETTING more money and *pouf* dream life achieved, happily ever after.

I’ve heard TONS of people say “If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want” and then be annoyed and frustrated and stuck about it.? Myself included.

Money is a tool.? How you use that tool is everything.

Do you spend money every month on things that support you in living your best light and light you up with joy?

Or does that seem frivolous?

Do you feel like you have CHOICE when it comes to what you spend your money on, or is it all gone as soon as you get it?

That’s an ENERGY MANAGEMENT problem.? You do NOT have to wait until you have more money coming in to solve it.

In fact making more money won’t solve this one at all – the more money you’ve got coming in the faster it will be gone.

How does money FUNCTION in your world?

Money can either support DREAMS and GROWTH or it can support STUCKNESS.

We all have fear around money.

We live in a culture that is completely fucked up about money.? You don’t grow up in this world and magically end up with a healthy relationship with money.

It’s something you have to work on.

It’s something you have to consciously choose to create for yourself.

You absolutely have the ability to have a healthy and happy relationship with money – it’s in your nature.

You can start by getting out your journal and answering the three questions I asked in this post.? Next week I’ll share a whole bunch of creative journal prompts for exploring your relationship with money.

In the Creative With Money e-Course we use creativity, imagination and PLAY to make working on your relationship with money accessible and interesting and even (gasp!) FUN.

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Creative Journal Day 10: Money Journaling

This post, and the whole 30 day journal challenge, is a part of my free art journal class.

money journaling

Today is my monthly meeting with money, in my journal.

As you’ll see, I don’t sit down with a pile of cash or with cash flow projections – money journaling is a soul to soul meeting, to nurture my inner relationship with money.


Doing this every month is crazy helpful.? Even when it feels like nothing is happening, you ARE developing your inner relationship with money by spending time with it like this, and this WILL open up new possibilities for what you and money can create together.

The Creative with Money Kit that I mentioned is only available inside the Creative Dream Circle.

My money journaling:

creative journaling

If you’d like a supportive + encouraging space to play along, filled with all the best tools for accessing + activating your magic (plus room for your very own Online Dream Journal), join me in the Creative Dream Circle!



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How to Not Freak Out About Money

Money seems to be the #1 problem for creative solo-preneurs, and the #1 barrier that keeps creatives from starting their own business.

Money isn’t about money.?

It’s about your inner relationship to your creative power, your ability to take care of yourself and create your world.? It’s about energy.? It’s about trusting the process of life.?

I’m sure you already know this.

The trick is to REMEMBER IT.

If money is about an inner relationship, then when money problems arise, you’ve got to go to that source to smooth them out.

Money problems are a sign that something in that inner relationship needs your attention.

Not making enough money in your creative business does NOT mean that you’re not good enough, or no one cares about what you have to offer.? It just means something needs to change.

You find out what needs to change by looking at what’s happening in that inner relationship.

This is hard to DO because of how SCARY money problems are.

Energetically it feels like your very survival is at stake when money problems arise.? And sometimes it is.

It can also hit some very painful self-esteem issues, it’s easy for personal worth and net worth to get all tangled up together.

Money issues often hit several emotional hot spots at once, which is what makes dealing with it so hard.

But when you get it right?? It is sooooo so so so so so so RIGHT.

Making the money you need for the life you want doing the things you love most?? THAT’S THE BEST.

Which is why it’s worth it to work on your inner relationship with money, even though it’s scary and hard.

My Creative With Money Kit leads you through the whole process of not just making friends with money, but building a creative soulful partnership with money (from the inside out) so you can work together to bring your dreams to life.

Obviously, that’s a big job.? And sometimes, because it’s such a big job, starting can be scary.

So, if you’re not quite ready for the full journey of getting?Creative With Money I thought I’d give you a simple way to simply START working on your relationship with money.

Hold a weekly (imaginary) meeting with money.

Nothing fancy – just a quick 5-10 minute check-in.

The thing that I say the most often to my clients is: This is going to get weird.? And the weirder it gets, the better it’s going to work.

Your creativity is GENIUS.

Your imagination is GENIUS.

Your brain is GENIUS.

You USE that genius by PLAYING with it.? So let’s play.

Hold an imaginary meeting with money.??

Imagine a table, with two chairs.? You’re sitting in one, money is sitting in the other.? You’re facing each other.

While you’re doing this don’t force anything.? Trust the imagery and ideas your amazing genius brain is bringing you.

Notice how money appears – big/small, nice/mean, clear/fuzzy… how money appears is full of clues about what’s going on in your inner relationship with money, and as you keep having your meeting, it will probably start to appear friendlier and more helpful over time.

Notice what kind of room you’re meeting in – it’s full of clues, too.? Notice how your meeting space changes over time (it will probably become lighter and more spacious).

Notice how easy or hard it is to talk to money.? Even if it’s hard, say hello.? See if you can get a conversation going.

The process of learning how to talk to money and partner with money in your inner world to bring your dreams to life is a long (and sometimes strange!) process.

When you hold these meetings – anything can happen.? Maybe money won’t stay in his seat, or he’ll refuse to talk to you.? Maybe you won’t know what to say.? Maybe you just won’t be able to understand each other.

The point is not to have the meeting go a certain way.? The point is to establish regular contact.

This way, when money problems come up, instead of freaking out you can hold an emergency meeting.

You can look for clues in how money appears and what’s happening in the room.

And you can meet money as an ally in finding a solution, rather than experiencing money as the problem.? <— That changes everything.

No matter what happens for you, if you keep holding meetings every week, and keep being as present as you can with the energy of money – things will start to shift.

  • You’ll start to see your patterns more clearly and you’ll know what to do to change them.
  • You’ll get brilliant ideas for ways to bring more money in, or to do more with what you already have.
  • As you become more present in your inner relationship with money, you’ll become more relaxed in your external relationship with money (suuuuuuch a relief!)

I know if you’re reading this, and have never tried anything like this before, you’re all WHAT?!? right now.

It can be tempting to believe that you’ll relax about money when you have more of it – so focusing on externals and GETTING MORE MONEY seems like the only solution, and having imaginary meetings seems ridiculous.

But, well, how’s that working for you so far?

Changing things on the outside rarely changes things on the inside.

If you read my blog you know all about my conversations with my inner critics and fears.? This is like that.

Shifting your internal patterns, one little bit at a time, by consciously interacting with them – with heaps and heaps of creativity and love.

This is the kind of thing that often requires a guide, when you’re starting out. And of course if you’re interested – I am happy to be that guide for you.? If you want help navigating this process, all my best advice/processes/tools for this are in the?Creative With Money Kit.

With the tools in the kit you’ll be well on your way to using your creativity, imagination and spirituality to develop a gorgeously abundant relationship with money – and a strong enough connection to weather any financial storms that come your way.

This week only, Creative With Money is a part of the epic Don’t Lose Your Shit Sale – awesometastic offerings from 30+ experts wrangled into one mind-bogglingly valuable package worth $1,500 that costs only $97.

Each product helps with either productivity and organization, health and wellness, general business improvement, or some combination of the three.

Click here to read all about it + get in on the sale.

Otherwise, you can get Creative With Money on it’s own for $88.

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Creative With MONEY

Creative With MoneyI am so happy to share that my new program, Creative With Money, is now available!

Money wants to be your friend and your ally in bringing your dreams to life.

This self-guided program leads you through the process where you can start to create that kind of helpful and supportive relationship with money.

Participants say that this process has helped them heal and evolve their relationships with money and bring spaciousness and ease into how they handle money.

More than one person has called it “life-changing”.




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Hello, Money.

As part of my post-Creative With Money Playdate Assignments (fyi I am working on a kit version of the Playdate!) I have a monthly meeting with money.? Not like, spreadsheets and budgets, I look at the financial stuff in my business all the time. ?These meetings are different, this is where I meet with money, soul to soul.

Right now the Soul of Money appears to me as a peacock that lays golden eggs.

The backstory: It started out as a dam that first just confused me and then allowed me to profit from flow, and has since morphed into a few other stories and has been the peacock since last fall.? As I did my best to do what the peacock was asking me to to, in the winter it started laying golden eggs to show me possibility but I didn’t have a way to turn the eggs into anything useful.

When I tried to pick up the golden eggs, the gold peeled off and turned to dust.? Abundance was right there but I couldn’t pick it up.? But I kept working with the peacock and then this amazing golden art deco carriage showed up right behind the peacock that turned the eggs into coins.

And now, this month, there is a lot more gold sparkling in the air than last month, like the peacock has this permanent gold glitter backdrop.

But the peacock looks tired, and a little annoyed.

And so we begin (peacock’s words are in italic):

Honey, you’re not picking up all the coins!

What? I’m supposed to pick them all up?? How?

[We both sit in silence. I’m imagining running around exhausting myself trying to pick up the coins. The peacock is looking at all the coins strewn about on the ground and feeling sad about them going to waste.]

The carriage needs an accessory that gathers and holds the coins.

No, that’s your job.? Seriously!? I am laying the freaking golden eggs plus got this amazing cart that turns them into coins!? All you have to do is pick them up!? You won’t even gather the gold coins I have brought to you?

It’s not that I won’t.? I just don’t know how. Or… I guess I didn’t know that I was supposed to.

Honey, you have to receive me.

I thought I already did.

Well, you do.? But more is coming your way so you have to beef up your receiving.


You know how.? Those thoughts in your head right now… act on them.

OK, I can do that.

Remember: Don’t worry about how to do it, just do it.? The how will work itself out like it always does as long as you do what feels right and don’t do what feels wrong and LOTS of creative journaling BEFORE acting.

I should go buy some new art supplies.

YES! Get that stuff you need that makes creative journaling more fun.? Also: drink lots of tea, listen to music and fill the fridge with delicious and nourishing things.? Create the perfect container to bring all of this to life.? Picking up the coins is not the chore you’ve been making it out to be!? It’s a party, sweetie.

I see that now.? OK! I want to go shopping and then get journaling.? Thank you for this.

Clear Direction!? What a gift.

And I started to paint….

And it turned into a money compass.? Excited to see where it goes.

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Weekly Visionary Visioning

Last Sunday I wrote a post about Visionary Visioning and made a commitment to explore this in my life, and to write and post, about Visionary Visioning every Sunday in December. That post is here.

So. Letting the energy of Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness be my guide this week, the first thing I noticed was a strong strong strong burning desire to get rid of some things: a portable air conditioner unit and 2 fans.

These are things from my old house, not needed in the new eco-friendly loft.

But I wasn’t SURE I wouldn’t need them, so I put them in the teeeeenytiny “storage space” (actually the space behind my fridge).

So this week, with Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness as my guide, I needed these things gone.? I realised that they made my teeeeeenytiny storage space be all full and messy-looking.

But more than that, they didn’t support the qualities of Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.

Holding onto things you don’t need just doesn’t fit.? It’s not about about having lots of stuff.? It’s more about having what’s right and trusting your needs will be met.

So I found new owners for them.? And now that space feels like caring and love and possibility and spaciousness.

Even though, of course, I can’t SEE this space behind my fridge, it has changed how my space feels.

Which sparked more changes.

I had a friend help me move some stuff.? Upstairs things went downstairs and downstairs things went upstairs.? And it feels like a new layer of settling into who I am and creating a life that feels true to me, fueled by Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.

Surprising discovery as I connect to Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness: I want to make less money

It felt surprising at the time but is really a natural extension of it’s not about about having lots of stuff.? It’s more about having what’s right and trusting your needs will be met.

It started to become clear that the only reason I want to make more money is to have more money socked away in case of an emergency.

It’s the answer to all of those inner critic questions/fears from when I was leaving my job: what if I get sick, like so terribly horribly sick I can’t do my work? ?What if I am incapacitated? ?What if something happens to a family member and I need to take care of them. ?

OMG ?I could keep what-ifing for some time but I’ll stop here.

That’s not the energy space I want to be in, so why fuel it?

Fullness and wanting more/striving for more don’t fit together.

Though fullness and being open to more do fit.? There is a different feeling to that openness, like staying in tune with the natural expansion and growth in the universe.

Fullness + Richness together feels more like a celebration of what is than a push to create more.

My guess is that it also opens the doors to more.? But in an invitational-celebrational kind of way and not in a pushing-demanding-MAKING it happen kind of way.? Which I am just not interested in – it’s such a creative buzzkill.

My next steps:

Last Sunday when I meditated with the intention of connecting to the more expansive vision I wanted to explore, what came to me was Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness.? At the time it felt like that was the energy behind the vision.

Last week, in exploring Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness I have learned that it actually IS the vision.? And that it’s not all airy-fairy energy-feeling stuff, there is something quite tangible in this too.

I also had an insane amount of inspiration and one earth-shattering breakthrough.

Plus I perfected my system for recording inspiration + magic + all the things I want to do. Which is of course from the other intention I had with this – to have the visionary visioning fuel my Creative Genius Planning Sessions.?? (And, creating containers, structures + systems for growing dreams is something we’ve been working on in the Creative Dream Circle)

So it feels like I’m holding onto and using more of the inspiration – which of course makes sense – I’m holding onto more of the vision because I’m giving it my attention and creating space for it in my life.

Ahhhhhh! I love this.

Doors are opening.

This next week, I want to keep exploring what’s behind them. This morning, I’ve got about eight feet of watercolour paper spread out on my floor with art supplies everywhere.? I’m lying on the paper, drawing, dreaming, mapping + having a beautiful day.

I’d love to share a photo, but sunlight is streaming in from the gigantic windows and highlight the dust + stuff that is not getting cleaned up today and I just don’t want to share that on the internet.

So this week I’m going to keep working on this, (and eventually, tidy up).

I’ve already got the perfect spot to hang this 8 foot long vision map when it’s done (I love the Creative Magic Headquarters with its giant walls and lots of space!) so that once I’ve captured a clear snapshot of my vision – I don’t forget it.

PS: I’m running a live session of the Creative Dream Incubator in January!? It will include access to my amazing Creative Dream Circle and weekly coaching + inspiration + magic mojo calls.

If 2013 is your year to make your dream real, I am here to help.

Let?s start with a free mini-coaching session.? Here?s how it works:

The Creative Dream UN-STUCK-U-BATOR is a fifteen minute laser-focused coaching call with me. (We?ll meet on the phone, or if you?re outside of North America we?ll use Skype, audio only.)

People are already finding impossible things turning possible, stucks melting away and new paths being formed.

Even though the sessions are only 15 minutes and most people come to them feeling like their stuck is too big to be solved in 15 minutes.

That?s not true.

We can?t make your shining big dream real is 15 minutes (that?s what the Incubator is for) but we can clear what?s in your way right now and get you moving towards it in a smoother, more ease-filled way.

>>> Click here to apply now.

Your 2013 is looking brighter already.

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Have you spent enough time worrying about money?

This is what Angel wrote to me after the first Creative With Money Playdate I did:

"HOLY MOLY, woman!

This program *so* full of brilliant I?m still seeing stars and glitter, hours later!

I signed up for because I have had this *thing* with money for as long as I can remember and frankly I'm over it and ready to work with it!

I did get what I wanted from the program.

I had some really spectacular experiences with the work itself and also with the rest of the group. There is definitely magicks within the right group atmosphere.

My relationship with money has begun to evolve, on a really deep level (which is the only way there can be any lasting change), and has led me to being able to actually have a relationship with money rather than just constant fear around anything money related.

That fear and tension is not a fun way to live, especially as it relates to something that has such an impact on life as we're currently living it!

Well I started to say that my favorite part was working through the workbooks on my own time and in my own way? - but then I realized that actually my really favorite part was the group interaction. It's been insanely helpful to me to hear others sharing their experiences, stories, shifts, etc. (but the workbooks are a close second for sure! ;-))

Thank you for all of this!!"

Angel Sullivan, and also

She is so right! Life, the way we're living it now, includes USING MONEY EVERY DAY.

You work for and with money all the time.

PLAYING for and with money changes everything.

  • It loosens up those rigid patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck when it comes to money.

Result: You get un-stuck!

  • It opens up new possibilities like tiny doorways that lead to magical new worlds.

Result: You have new ideas and opportunities for how to get what you want!? All of a sudden it is much easier than you thought, to have exactly what you want.

  • It gives you a framework for developing your relationship with money beyond counting pennies and hoping for the best.

Result: You have a way to manage and work with money that is positive, creative and constructive.

  • It allows your intuition and your genius to play a role in how you do money.


You know that the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you've always done, while expecting a different result.

You've spent enough time worrying about money to know that it doesn't work.

There is another way: Playing. Being Creative. It's where your magic is.

I teach this in the Creative With Money class - which you get, with ALL of my other programs when you join Dream Book.

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Creative Dreams + Money. It’s a problem, right?


I mean, dreams don't pay the bills, right?

Well, actually, that's wrong.

Creative Dreams can and do pay the bills.

The problem is that CreativeSpiritual people shut off their genius when it comes to money.

Admit it, you do this.

So, before your creative dreams can pay the bills, you have to re-route a path in your brain - from your genius, to your money.

I promise: This is not anywhere near as complicated or weird as it sounds.

In this episode of Creative Dream TV I talk about a whole bunch of questions I got from Creative Dream TV fans, about creative dreams and money.

And I and share a crazy-magic transformational tool that helps no matter what your specific struggle with money looks like - a tool that helps you to start to re-route a path in your brain - from your genius, to your money.

Watch it now:

So let's get your creative genius flowing when it comes to money.

Your dream wants to pay your bills!

My Creative With Money class is now available for free when you join Dream Book.

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Creative Dream TV: Guilt over asking for money for your creative gifts

Most creative people have a hard time asking for what their work is worth.

This week's Creative Dream TV question:

"I'm a freelance editor who often works directly with writers. My?clientele?(writers) are notoriously poor! I feel the service I provide is valuable, but I feel guilty charging what I think I should be earning because I know that so many of my clients will struggle to find the money. What should I do? Should I try to find a different clientele??

How can I find the balance between what my clients can pay and what I need to earn?"

In this situation, we have a creative person working with creative people so it's compounded.? But what's happening beneath the surface is what's happening with a lot of creative people:? getting all twisted up when it comes to asking for money for our work - enough money so we can live comfortably.

Watch the episode now:

(Yes, I am wearing my new sovereignty crown!)

Creative WITH Money!

Creative people struggle with money so much because we don't use our creative gifts and strengths when we deal with money.

Admit it - you shut off your brilliant creative genius when it comes to money.

It's time to stop doing that.


(Creative with Money, along with allllll of my other courses, is only available inside the Creative Dream Circle.)

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