Creative Emergence Day 1



Click here for everything you need to get started with the Creative Emergence free 30 day e-course. Note that we have our first live call happening TOMORROW. I hope you can be there – you can call in on your phone or listen in online.

The Creative Emergence e-course leads you through the process of journaling your way into new possibilities.

This begins with making a commitment to journal every day for the next thirty days.

Some days you might be able to spend an hour playing in your journal, some days just 10 minutes.? It doesn’t matter how long you journal, it does matter that you establish a daily habit of making time to meet yourself in this way.

As you show up day after day, you are creating space for new possibilities to emerge.

Essentially, your journaling practice becomes your container for healing and transformation.

Your commitment to showing up every day no matter what coupled with your intention for Creative Emergence builds and strengthens this container.

The stronger your container, the bigger your new possibilities become.

This is why we start with a clear intention.

Journaling prompts for starting out:

What is YOUR creative emergence going to be about? Today you’re going to journal about what you want to get out of this 30 day adventure.

  • It can be to make a little time for yourself each day.
  • It can be to help you deal with anxiety, inner critics or fear.
  • It can be to help you get in touch with your dreams.

And then once you have that written down, ask yourself why.? Why do you want this?

For example:

  • I want to make a little time for myself each day so that I can feel less like I am being pulled in a million different directions.
  • I want to deal with this specific anxiety/inner critic/fear because I know that it is holding me back and I am ready to move forward.
  • I want to get in touch with my dreams because I want to live more authentically and I know my dreams can lead me there.


Understanding why you want what you want helps ground you in your commitment to really do this.

There is a big difference between pushing yourself to do something because “it’s good for you” or because “you said you’d do it every day” and doing it because you are deeply committed to the process and wildly excited about the changes it’s going to bring into your life.

Though you don’t always have to be excited or feel ready – you just have to show up.

Once you’re done – share your intentions with us in the comments section below.

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See you back here tomorrow for day 2 of Creative Emergence.

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