Creative Emergence Day 17: Interview with Connie Solera


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I wanted to include a few interviews with journalers I admire as a part of Creative Emergence to give you some different perspective and ideas about journaling.

Today’s interview is with Connie Solera from Dirty Footprints Studio.

ConnieMy name is Connie Solera and I am devoted to supporting women on their artist journey of deepening their creative practice, awakening their innate wisdom, and nurturing their dreams ? all while sharing an honest peek into my own life as a heart guided artist, teacher, and creative entrepreneur through my blog, workshops, and retreats.

For more information please visit Dirty Footprints Studio.

Why do you journal?

Honestly, because I was born this way.? My mom just gave me my baby book she kept from my birth until kindergarten — and all throughout the pages are my scribbles! Proof that I’ve always been comfortable opening up a book and covering it with my mark!

How did you get started?

I “officially” started keeping an art journal way back in high school, except I don’t think anyone called it an art journal back then. Instead it was just a spiral bound notebook that I painted the cover silver and wrote my name on it with puffy paint. Yes, puffy paint.

I took that baby with me EVERYWHERE and plastered it with sketches, doodles, poetry, concert tickets, Kerouac quotes, postcards of Pre Raphaelite paintings, and photos I’d cut out of magazines of hot guys, art work, fashion, and architecture.? I’ve always had a peculiar interest in architecture (and hot guys).? I would even let my friends add their creative touch to it too.

Unfortunately I have no idea whatever happened to that book and thinking about it feels like remembering an old friend.

What?s your favourite thing to do in your journal?

Paint. Dream. Plan. Scheme. Love. Breathe. Paint. Fall apart. Build myself back up. Believe. Heal. Paint.


Do you have a specific brand/type of journal that you use (if yes – please include a link so we can check it out)?

Oh yes! I got a few actually.? Here they are!

Strathmore Visual Journal —? I think the covers of these journals are ugly as all hell, but the paper in them can take a lot of painterly mixed media love!? Plus anyways, covers are meant to be covered with paint after all!

Fabriano Venezia Journal — LOVE these journals! LOVE them! I carry a little Fabriano everywhere I go! I even sewed a sweet little cover for it.? I use it specifically for sketching with ink and watercolor — but I have a larger one that I’ve gone wild crazy with paint? in it for a body of work I call “Painting The Feminine” and it supports all the creativity I can throw at it!? What I love about it too is that it lies flat — no spiral bound wire separating the pages.

Hand Book Artist Journals — These are my new loves!? I have two of the landscape size ones and believe it or not — you can give it a lot of painterly mixed media love and it will take it.? I love these journals tons — something about them is simply inspiring!


Do you get creative with art supplies in your journal?? If so, which ones?

I’m a purist in a sense.? I love the basics — paint, charcoal, pen, ink, glue, gesso.? I also have a huge bin of magazines, old books, and calendars in my studio that I dive into for collage action when I feel like it.? But as for those fancy art supplies that come out every other week — I found that I’m allergic to them.



To find out more about Connie and her amazing art classes, check her out at Dirty Footprints Studio.

And today I want you to meet with your intention in your journal.

You can use the technique I teach in my free class or anything you have learned in my classes inside the Creative Dream Circle and see what happens when you meet with your intention today.

Inspired by Connie, you may want to try painting or drawing the heart and soul of your intention.

Ask your intention: What does it need today?

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

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See you back here tomorrow for day 18 of Creative Emergence.

REMEMBER: If you missed our live call yesterday you can get the recording right here. It will only be available for 48 hours.