Creative Emergence Day 18: Tell The Truth


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Honesty creates clear, shining pathways.? Lies create tangles and fog.

But being honest with yourself, being emotionally honest with yourself, can be a complicated thing.

There are a million reasons why it’s hard to be honest about how you feel.

Like: if you admit how angry you are about this situation then you worry that you would be forced to do something about it.? Like have a really uncomfortable conversation that you’re terrified to have or quit a job which you absolutely can’t afford to do.

If you don’t feel ready to do something about it then it can feel like it’s easier to pretend that you’re not that angry.

But what happens is that your anger gets stuck inside you and builds a home for itself there, eating away at your joy, eating away at your possibilities.

Most of us were never taught how to be ALL THE WAY honest about how we feel.

Like: I am angry about this work situation and too terrified to do anything to change it, so then I feel hopeless because it feels like I’m stuck with this as it is.? So I really want to ignore my anger because it just leads to feeling hopeless.

Being emotionally honest is messy.

Being emotionally honest is also the path to liberation.

Because as long as you avoid your anger about that work thing then no – nothing is ever going to change.? Also: by avoiding the anger within you you’re avoid huge parts of your inner world.

It’s like you are squeezing yourself into a tiny closet and not taking up your whole home.

You’re making yourself live as less than you really are.

On the other side of your anger and fear and hopelessness is creativity and genius and POWER – which you can use to change anything that you need to change in your life.

Step one is being emotionally honest with yourself.

Today I want you to journal about how you feel.? Really explore this, pay attention to every little thing you feel in this moment.

(From my deck of Journaling Cards for Magic + Insight)

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

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REMEMBER: If you missed our live call on the 16th you can get the recording right here. It will only be available for 48 hours.


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REMEMBER: If you missed our live call yesterday you can get the recording right here. It will only be available for 48 hours.