Creative Emergence Day 7: The magic is in the last place you want to look


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One week ago I asked you to journal about your intention for what you want to get out of this course.

Since then, you’ve been spending time with your intention/dream in your journal every day.

Today we’re going to mix it up a bit.

I want you to meet with your intention as you’ve been doing.

And then I picked a Journaling Card for you and your intention to explore together:

journaling cards

What have you been avoiding?

So far we’ve been focusing on settling into this practice and simply making time to pay attention to your intention every day, which is important and magical on it’s own.

But now it’s time to dig a little deeper and take a look at the places where you usually don’t look.

The places that you avoid wind up having power over you, because avoidance forces you to look in the other direction.

So when you stop avoiding something you’ve been avoiding you end up with more freedom, you end up being able to access new ideas, inspiration and power to create change in your life.? It’s kind of magic.

It’s also pretty uncomfortable because you’re avoiding the thing you’re avoiding for a reason, right?

So go gently with this one, but do push yourself a bit.

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

What secrets have been hiding in the places that you avoid?

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See you back here tomorrow for day 8 of Creative Emergence.

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