Creative Emergence Day 8: What To Do With Those Brilliant Insights


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When you’re journaling every day you can expect to have amazing insights, so let’s talk about what to do about them.


As usual, today I want you to meet with your intention in your journal? as you’ve been doing every day (using the technique I teach in my free class or anything you have learned in my classes inside the Creative Dream Circle).

Once you’re done – let us know how it went.

Did your dream have anything new to show you today?

Share your daily journaling pics on Instagram?using the #creativeemergence hashtag, or post them here on Facebook.? (I’m sharing my pics and thoughts on my Instagram.)

And/or leave a comment below. (Yes, you will need a Facebook account in order to comment.? Apologies to those of you who don’t have Facebook.)


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See you back here tomorrow for day 9 of Creative Emergence.

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