Creative Genius Planning Session

Every Monday morning in the Creative Dream Circle, we have a Creative Genius Planning Session.? We invite in the qualities we want to play with for the week, intentions for how we want to be and what we’d like to accomplish and receive, we bring our creative genius into planning so that things so easy and smooth, we inspire each other and we make magic.

This week I felt like posting mine here, so here goes.

For the last little while, I’ve been working on a Mystery Project which has basically taken over my regular schedule.? This week I’d like to start to shift back, with maybe 50-50 split of Mystery Project and regular Creative Magic Headquarters Activities.

So what would that look like?

Ha, that seems so confusing at first but actually it’s simple – smaller containers for Mystery Project naturally means more space for other stuff.? But thinking about doing that feels uncomfortable and tight…

….cue discussion with Mystery Project…

Mystery Project – what do you need?

More than 50% that is for sure!? Why is it that you want to shift back into “normal” before I’m done?

Oh, good question.? Oh!? That’s an old pattern.? It’s how I react when external things try to swoosh in and change my plans.? I protect what I want.

Do you really need to protect yourself from me?

No!? I’m seeing you as external but really you are a project I chose to say yes to and you are a project I love and am excited about.? I guess I worry that I am dropping too many balls in the process of spending all this time with you.

….cue discussion with Other Stuff That Is Being Left Behind…

Hey!? Other Stuff!? I miss you!

Oh man, (blinking) can you turn down the light?? You woke me up and I was having such a delicious sleep.

Oh, so you’re not jumping around impatiently waiting for me to come back to you?

Dude!? Mystery Project is awesome!? We’ll have so much more fun together after it’s finished.

Oh, that makes sense.? OK, enjoy your sleep and just let me know if you need anything.

Hmmmm….. So I guess planning this week is simpler than I thought.


(Created list of important things this week and added in to my journal page in purple marker)

Yes, everything else can continue to sleep and I can give Mystery Project most of my attention this week. (Created list of priorities for Mystery Project for this week in hot pink marker)

Also, in keeping with our Creative Dream Incubator work in the Circle this week, added a list of things I am doing to nourish myself, my creativity and my dreams, in turquoise marker.


I am inviting trust, ease and flow to hang out with me this week.? I am making my (inner + outer) space a welcoming container for these qualities by remembering them in my meditations and leaving myself reminders about them.

OK week, I am ready to rock you!

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