Creative Journaling Prompts For The New Year

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creative journal prompts for the new year

These prompts are for playing and creating with.

Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore – the most important part of creative journaling is following your creative impulse.

Use lots of different coloured pens, markers and pencil crayons (when you engage your creativity in your journaling you access your creative genius, the part of you that knows how to bring your dreams to life – plus it’s more fun that way!)

Use collage or make your own art to illustrate your answers.

As you get creative with this pay attention to your inner voice… once you’re in your creative flow it’s much easier for your intuition to speak to you.

If getting creative in your journal is new to you – check out Dreamtastic Creative Journals, (my free creative journaling e-course) for loads of videos & ideas to help you get started.

When you’re not sure about your answers – draw mandalas to help you connect to your inner wisdom.

The prompts are divided into 2 sections: looking back and looking forward.? Start with whichever one you feel drawn to.

Goodbye 2013. Looking back:

What was amazing in 2013?

What did you do in 2013 that you’re proud of?

What do you learn/discover that you want to bring into 2014?

What do you want to leave behind in 2013?

What are you most grateful for about 2013?

How did your dreams grow in 2013?

What did you do to help your dreams grow in 2013?? What worked?? What didn’t work?

How did YOU grow in 2013? What gifts and strengths do you have now that you didn’t have in 2012?

Is there anything you need to do to complete your year? Any unfinished business that you’d like to finish, and leave behind as you move into 2014?

Hello 2014! Looking forward:

List 5-10 things you’d like to have happen in 2014, in each of these different parts of your life:


Remember that as you get creative with this pay attention to your inner voice… once you’re in your creative flow it’s much easier for your intuition to speak to you – so as you write this list brilliant ideas may come to you for how to bring these dreams to life.

Go back through your list and imagine how each of these things will make you happier in 2014.? If there is anything on your list that won’t make you happier – consider crossing it out.

What is your Big Dream for 2014?

Why do you want this?

Do you already know how to make this dream real, or is this something you need to learn more about first?

What’s your plan for giving this dream what it needs to thrive in 2014?? Brainstorm 10 things you can try.

What do you want to STOP doing in 2014?? And what are some things you can you do to make that as easy as possible?? How will not having these things in your life make you happier?

Write your year in review for 2014.

Then imagine yourself at the end of the 2014 that you described in your year in review – how are you different?? How did you grow?? What new strengths and skills do you have?? Does you-from-one-year-from-today have any messages or advice for you?

Here’s to a sparkletastic New Year, for all of us.

I would love to help you bring your brightest dreams to life in 2014 – join me in the Creative Dream Circle for a whole YEAR of Creative Dream Support.


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