Creative Planning: Making space to make space for what you want + need this week.

This week my theme is: Making space to make space for the things I want + need

The world is always coming at us, so hard, so fast, and it can be a real challenge to do this work.

This is why, for me, building HABITS + ROUTINES out of these practices is the only way.

A big part of the work of working with any dream is THIS work of making space to make space for it.

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So - what do YOU want for your wild + precious new week?

It feels kind of surreal, given the state of the world right now, and how overwhelming I have found this pandemic, and the ways it's intersected with peri-menopause, difficult parenting issues, and of living in colonialism and late-stage capitalism.

I feel deeply connected to my dreams for 2022, which helps me feel more connected to myself...

Which has helped me remember how important all of our dreams are.

Which helps me feel more optimistic for our collective future.

These are the times when artists need to get to work.

And when I say artist - I mean everyone with a vision. Everyone with a gift to share.

(That includes you)

Our work - and it doesn't matter if that is work your exchange for money or not - is needed.

ESPECIALLY now as a lot of systems are falling apart, as we face catastrophic climate change, as we come to terms with the consequences of how we have been living.

ESPECIALLY NOW we need to flood the world with our dreams + creative gifts.

Every dream is a seed.

I am adding a monthly "Let's get our shit together, together" call to Dream Book for the rest of the year.

Doing these calls in January has been invaluable.

There is something about connecting to like-minded people, even if just virtually, that makes it easier to stay in your seat, and get the work done.

I am also doing a new round of The Obstacle Is The Way Through.

Because our dreams are NEEDED and we have a lot of obstacles right now!

This is a deep alchemy process/healing circle thing we do together, to transform the obstacle into the path.

This will happen on February 10 at 1PM Central - but the replay will be VERY helpful, if you can't be there live.

And I'm adding some new Creative With Money calls!

These are not scheduled yet, but I want to do a few of them over this next year as money remains a huge obstacle for a lot of dreams.

Creative With Money is a BEAUTIFUL program I did years ago, all about bringing your creativity + power to your relationship with money. You do get that program as a bonus as soon as you join Dream Book - but the new calls will bring new energy to it, and you'll get a chance to have your own questions answered, and do the alchemy work on the exact money situation you are facing right now.

All of this will be included in your Dream Book membership.

Creative Planning: Making space to make space for what you want + need this week.