Please don’t give up

A lot of people have written to me to say that they just couldn't do all of the classes I shared in the Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 Journaling Extravaganza.

That maybe this is not the time for an extravaganza.

Maybe we should all just focus on trying to get through the day.

Here's the thing...

That's a dream.

Getting through the day is a dream.

You know I always say that your dreams are valid, needed and important...

I always say it because we have so many layers and flavours of ways that we discount our dreams.

When you say "I just want to get through the day" what you really mean is something more like:

  • I want to feel like myself again.
  • I want to remember how it feels in my body when I experience joy.
  • I want to feel free.
  • I want to have the energy to do the things I want to do.

These are all valid, needed and important dreams.

And it's easy to think "that's too small" or "my own joy isn't worth focusing on right now"

But it's wrong to think that.

Here. Now. This is where your dreams are needed.

Yes, two years into the pandemic a lot of of our dreams have shifted. But it doesn't matter what they look like on the outside.

What matters is that you listen to yourself about what you want and need right now.

What matters is that you make space for yourself, your healing, your needs, your growth - HERE. NOW.

About the journaling classes: I don't plan to take down the Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 journaling extravaganza classes for a while. So you can still work through them and explore what you want to create for yourself in 2022.

But right now - today - I suggest you are a look this class.

It's about "figuring out the how as you go" and setting yourself up with the support you need.

Listen to it with your journal and see what ideas you can come up with to support yourself in having more of what you want, right here, right now.

You deserve the magic of embracing ALL the things you want and need.

Please don\'t give up

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