Doing Your Creative Work Will Light You Up

Doing your creative work will light you up

Last week I wrote about how your creative work will change the world.

I want to write about the other side of that too – how your creative work will change YOU.

Blocked creative energy is toxic.? But we live in a world that is so full of toxic things that the word has lost all meaning.

You put up with so many toxic things every day that it’s hard to imagine your creative block is really doing that much damage.

In fact, so many people are living with the symptoms, like:

  • low energy
  • high stress
  • wishing your life was different

That we’ve somehow collectively decided that this is normal.

That joy is fleeting.? And life is mostly hard.? And there is a lot of shit you have to take care of before it’s ok to go out and play.


You know that this is not what you came here to do – this is not who you came here to be.

Doing your creative work brings you back to your self.

Not only is not doing your creative work toxic, but doing your creative work is healing.? So you get benefits on both sides once you start doing your work.

I know there are a ton of obstacles in the way, but the act of DOING your creative work NOW will start to change that.

You can start now.? You can do a little bit at a time, here and there.

The best part is that doing your creative work will light you up.

When I decided to get back into my creative work – while working full time and leading meditation classes and healing circles evenings and weekends – I saw this change right away.

Part of the light and joy of doing my creative work seeped out into every other part of my life.? Everything lightened up.

Until then I thought I was “way too busy” for my creative work, but the more I was DOING IT the more opportunities I found to do MORE of my creative work.

Those opportunities continued to grow until I started to see: hey wait a minute, I think I might actually be able to quit my job and do this full time.

Creative Momentum.? It will lead you to amazing places.

But it really can’t get started until YOU start it.

So.? Start today.? Take a baby step.? And then take another one tomorrow.

I’m not promising it will happen overnight – for me it took years.

But if you’re going to live these years anyway, why not lived them all lit up with the magic of your creative work?

I’d really like to help you get there.

I am now offering: Creativity Coaching To Help You Get Your Fantastic Project Done.

Because if there is something you are inspired to create, I can help you get it done: better, faster and easier.


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