Daring Dares Me To Say No

Today I’m working on the materials for next month’s playdate in the Creative Dream Circle – the theme for June is DARING.

Daring appears as a female superhero holding a lightning bolt.

She obliterates anything and everything that is a distraction.

She dares me to say no.

To pull in tighter, to draw clearer boundaries, to create a stronger plan.

To commit more fully to my path by defining what that path is.

And then to obliterate everything that is outside of that path. Or at least put it somewhere where I can’t see it right now.

Which then dovetails with what I learned from Hiro this week… which I want to share with you because a lot of creative people have this problem!

EVERY TIME I run the Creative Dream Incubator there is a lot of resistance to the idea of choosing ONE DREAM to work with.? So I’ve been exploring ways of working with more-than-one-dream and in all honesty – I think these explorations have only brought me off track.

Being open to all possibilities only makes it harder for you to bring any dream to life.

Being open to all possibilities is super important in the visioning process, so that you aren’t closed to finding the right possibility. But once you’ve found your thing – you’ve got to be closed to the others and focus on the one.

Daring dared me to commit.

To put down the contingency plans because they’re taking up precious energy.

To re-route ALL of my energy into The One Dream I am bringing to life right now.

There is a sea of infinite possibilities.

I used to?(used to, as in, last week) live on that beach because I was so in love with possibility.? And so ideas would wash up in the shore, right into my home, all the time. Beautiful sparkly ideas that would easily distract me and confuse me and leave me wishing I could be walking a million paths at once which is maybe why I have been to tired lately…

Also: that love affair was doomed from the start.? Hindsight is 20/20 but really, how could I not have seen it before? ?Possibilities aren’t real life things.

So I moved.

I live in the forest now. It’s cool. It smells like pine. It’s quiet and soft and mossy.? It’s real.

I’m still unpacking and settling in but already I can see: I can focus here. I can create.

And when I need an idea – I can go to the beach on the Sea of Possibilities. I can bring my Creative Genius and my Inner Knowing to sift through the ideas to find Just The Right One (which I believe is going to sparkle more than the others and will be easy to spot.)

And all of those other ideas? I can smile at the thought of them hanging out on the beach together.? Just because there are infinite possibilities doesn’t mean I need more than one at any given time.

BIG relief.