30 Day Journaling + Meditation

30 day meditation and journaling challenge

As we go through these 30 days, I will be sharing my own journaling and process.

But today we're starting by figuring out how YOU are going to do this.

What's actually doable for you?

What makes this feel like an INVITATION and not a CHALLENGE?

How do you WANT to do this?

Step 1: pick your practice

This is a "30 day journaling + meditation invitation" and so I recommend you do BOTH journaling and meditation for this.

There is a reason why I always use them together.

But this is your thing, so do it your way.

Step 2: define your minimum practice.

Some days you may want to do more, but all you are committing to are these minimum practices.

For example, for meditation you could pick:

  • Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe for 30 seconds (change this to however long feels right for you).
  • Sit stare at the wall or out a window for 30 seconds (change this to however long feels right for you).
  • Go for a meditative walk for 5 minutes (change this to however long feels right for you).

Either way, your meditation time is spent contemplating the theme:

Slow the fuck down!

BE as creative, powerful and magnetic as you ARE.

And just follow your thoughts wherever they go. Follow all of the rabbit holes.

No, this is not traditional meditation where you empty your mind. This is a meditation as a tool for making space to explore.

Right after the meditation, you journal.

This way you can take notes about what you learned in your meditation, to not lose the threads.

Here is your minimum practice for journaling:

Open your journal, having a pen handy, and sit there with it for 2 minutes (change this to however long feels right for you) (no you don't have to actually write).

The assignment for today: set your intentions

Write out how you're going to do this:

  • What you hope to receive from this practice by the end of the month
  • What time of day will you do this
  • How long will you meditate for
  • How long will you sit with your journal for

Write these all out in your journal, don't just do this in your head.

Dream Book members - if you want a private space to share your comments as you do this with me - use the daily mastermind posts.

See you back here tomorrow.

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I'm also working on a whole line of Creative Dream Incubator mugs, notebooks, zipper pouches + stickers.

30 Day Journaling + Meditation