Creating Your Own Definition Of Success

Earlier this week I posted this on Instagram and Facebook:

What does success mean to you today? It’s good to keep refining your personal definition of success as you move forward.

And then my page turned into:

The most important elements of success for me right now are:

  • spaciousness
  • ease
  • trust
  • alignment
  • authenticity
  • flow

If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be spaciousness.? Spaciousness contains all of the things I really want.

I sat with this list for some time.? I doodled and collaged and explored.? And even though I am thinking specifically about success as a creative dream teacher and coach – money didn’t come to mind as a part of my definition of success.

I’m really happy to be in a place now where I don’t think about money a lot.

Not because I have so much I never have to think about it again, because I’ve build a solid relationship with money (Creative Dream Circle members: check out the Creative With Money Kit for more on how to do this).?

My life is simple and spacious and free which is what I want.? I have money for the things that matter to me.? And I don’t have a lot of things around that don’t matter.? I am a little surprised by how much money I used to spend on things that, as it turns out, don’t really matter to me.

I want quiet.? I want to make art and journal every day.? I want hours of empty time to fill however I feel inspired to fill them in the moment.? SPACIOUSNESS.

Though I also want creative projects and regular coaching clients.? I want to keep growing as a creative person and as a teacher and coach.

And I always want to make enough money to live in the way that feels true to me.? I suspect that as I get older that may mean needing more money and that feels like a part of my ongoing definition of success.

Creating your own definition of success means getting REAL with yourself about what you ACTUALLY want.

Your true success does not come from blindly adopting the uber-capitalist “more more more” mentality that we’re surrounded by.

But your true success also does not come from playing small.

It comes from playing just-right sized, which means facing and transforming your fear that you aren’t good enough (and we ALL have that fear) and transforming your bullshit stories about what is really possible for you.

It also means doing the ongoing work of knowing what right-sized even means for you.

Sometimes this is not easy work.? But you’re brave and you’re ready.

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