The Last Update

FYI For Creative Dream Circle members: I’ve posted a totally different post inside the Circle for this week’s Creative Dream Sharing Circle.


In December 2013 I made a promise to write a weekly update for all of 2014 to share the process of making a big dream real.

But it’s not feeling right anymore, because the updates (in my brain anyway) are connected to the dream I was working on when I started this – a dream which has morphed into something different.

Plus something about the word UPDATE and the energy behind it doesn’t fit with where I am right now.

Though the updates inspired the Weekly Sharing Circle, inside the Creative Dream Circle, which I adore and I don’t want to stop those.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been sitting with the fact that I don’t want to keep doing these updates in the way that I’ve been doing them.

I paid attention to how I was feeling and started to explore what I wanted to do instead.? There is too much good stuff tied up in the updates that I do want to hold onto, so I didn’t want to just throw the whole thing away.? Plus I know that if you just stop as soon as it gets uncomfortable you don’t ever get anywhere.

But now I’m starting to see a new way, so I’m ready to let go of this and start exploring the new path.

Less of an update, more of a Creative Dream Check-In.

Less a blog post, more a practice (though I do want to share it).

Deep communion with my dream.

And a warm invitation for YOU and your dream to join me.

Right now I need some quiet space to sort this out – it’s about a lot more than ending a series of blog posts.? There is a new way of interacting with my dreams that is ready to emerge and I’m excited to learn more about it.

Some announcements:

SHINE Group Coaching for Coaches, Healers & Teachers is starting soon.

This is a gorgeous group for working through the unique challenges you face as a helper-person.

You can use this group as a support system to help you

* create and launch a new class, program or coaching offering

* step up your business to start helping MORE people

* figure out what your next steps are in your growth as a helper-person

* find ways to do your work with less depletion and more ease

I’m happy to share anything and everything I’ve learned on my path, plus do intuitive healing work with you to support you in activating more of your unique gifts.? Click here to find out more.


Recently I was invited to be an expert on the 2014 Inspired Livelihood Inspired Entrepreneur panel along with 14 high earning creative entrepreneurs. UNlike many other no-cost tele-summits, no one is trying to sell you anything and none of us are making any money from this course. We?re simply openly sharing how we?ve made a real livelihood doing work we love.

I?m excited to share this with you because it completely shatters the myth of the starving artist.

In these friendly conversations we all share how we got started in turning our interest into income and what we wish we?d known when we were first starting out. We hold back no secrets about what it took to grow a successful business, the challenges we?ve faced and obstacles we?ve overcome.

You can access the whole series HERE and listen to it at your leisure.

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