Your dream is a lighthouse. It will lead you back to yourself.

I’ve been playing with this way of working with my dreams, of allowing them to be lighthouses that show me more about who I am and what I’m here for.

It’s been pretty amazing.

See there are things that I don’t believe that I deserve to have.? But my lighthouses is leading me them.

And there are things that I think are too big for me and it would be “too much work” to get there.? But my lighthouse is leading me to them.

All of the parts of me who are afraid and small and hiding start to calm down when they see the light of the lighthouse.? It’s safe and welcoming and it feels like home.

I’m really loving this.

And I’m looking forward to sharing this way of working with your dreams tomorrow (Friday) at the Dream-Finder Coaching Circle (this one is open to everyone, even if you’re not a member of the Creative Dream Circle).


?DreamFinder Coaching Circle.

This is exactly perfect for you if:

  • You have no clue what your dream is.
  • You?ve hit a major roadblock on the path to your dream (major roadblocks can be a sign that the dream has changed and you need to change to keep up).
  • Or you?ve GOT your dream and don?t know what?s next.

Working from the assumption that your dream is your soul calling your into alignment with yourself, we?ll dig in and discover what is calling YOU.

These coaching circles are magic because we are clearer and brighter and braver and stronger together.? By exploring this together we can help light the path for each other.

I?ve seen this happen time and time again in these coaching circles ? each of us brings a unique piece of the puzzle and when we put them together we find our answers.

During the call I?ll do one-on-one Dream-Finding Coaching with as many participants as possible where I will help you find your dream.? You?ll also get ridiculously inspired by listening in on the process of other people finding their dreams.

You?re going to love it.

It?s happening Friday, November 21, from 1-2 pm (Central, Standard time ? click here to see this in your time zone)

The call will happen on my conference line, which is a US number ? the number will be emailed to you after you sign up.

This call is FREE for all Creative Dream Circle members ? plus we can explore this further in the forum after the call.

Cost for non-members: $22.? You?ll get access to the live call plus the recording will be sent to you after.

Let?s do this!

If you?re a?Creative Dream Circle member you are already registered.

If you?re not a member, click here to register for this call.

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