There is good in everything and possibilities abound but you really do have to get off your ass and go find them.

There is good in everything and possibilities abound but you really do have to get off your ass and go find them.

I’m siting in a coffee shop watching the wind swirling snow everywhere.

I walked here, and at first my walk was so nice – I love early morning winter walks.? But I fell on ice last week and while I thought I was all better, my right leg started to get very stiff halfway through my walk.? So now I have a one hour walk to get home, on my stiff aching leg.? And each time I look out the window the wind seems to be blowing even harder.

To say I miss the delight of being able to ride my bike everywhere would be a major understatement.

Last winter, I really enjoyed walking for 1-2 hours a day (with the right gear, it’s not hard to stay warm).? This winter I might not be able to do that, if my leg is not going to get better. The prospect of missing out on that fresh air and exercise doesn’t feel good.

In fact, it kind of opens up this downward spiral where I start to worry that I’m going to hibernate all winter, spend too much time alone and then get totally lethargic and depressed.

The truth is, there is good in everything and possibilities abound but you really do have to get off your ass and go find them.

So instead of giving that downward spiral any more of my attention, I am focused on looking for the good.

The truth is, I am wildly grateful that the Peaceful Happy Holiday Season Class is starting next week.

In writing out the materials for this class I remember the amazing power of collective intention.? The group holding this intention together makes it easier for each of us to shift out of our regular end-of-year patterns and create new ones, all filled with joy and delight and magic.

Plus I’ve been having so much fun making the pages for the colouring book you get with this class, I really had to hold myself back from colouring the pages in before I could get them scanned.

Most of us have established patterns of depletion that get activated at the end of the year.

Overspending, overdoing, over-drive approval-seeking, weakened boundaries and immune systems, too much sugar and booze and not enough self-care.

While each person is going to have different things that they’re facing and transforming in their lives, we all share the common theme focusing on avoiding depletion and ending the year in a state of being full.? Filled up, fueled up and ready for a fresh and fabulous 2015.

With the power of shared intention and the magic of creativity on our side, how can we fail?

When I focus on not letting myself start to slide down the spiral of wintertime despair and instead focus on creating what I want to create, everything lightens up.

Then I see a new spiral open up – one of delight and creativity and play.? And I am so grateful to remember that we ALWAYS have the power to change things.


You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

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