Dreaming SMALLER, Simpler and more Happily. It’s not about having MORE.

The path to bringing a dream to life is less about the dream and more about the inner healing and transformation that happens when you step up to claim your right to create the life you really want to be living.

This means the Creative Dream Path can take you to some unexpected places.

Last winter my car had a lot of problems.


As much as I have loved my red Beetle, this car has always been very expensive to maintain.? It’s a diesel, which was, at the time when I bought it, the most fuel-efficient way to go in this climate, as far as I could tell.? So I chose to have a car that cost me more money, because it would cost the planet less.

But we got to the point where keeping her running just didn’t make sense anymore, and it looked like I would need a new car for this winter.

So I started looking at what car to get next. I was happy that there are more fuel-efficient options now.? I was looking for something simpler, something less expensive and time consuming to maintain.

But you know what?? No other car felt right.? So I stopped looking.

Instead I asked myself: what do you REALLY want here?

And underneath all the layers of stories about how grown-ups are supposed to live was my simple truth: I don’t want a car.

You know what makes me happy? WALKING.

You know what I hardly ever seem to find time to do? WALK.

Suddenly not having a car felt like an adventure.

I sold my car last fall, bought a fantastic parka and winter boots and have not looked back.

At first it just seemed like maybe having a car doesn’t make sense for me right now.? I work from home.? I don’t have children.? I was only using my car for shopping and adventuring, so maybe it’s just not smart for me to have my own car?

I can rent a car when I want/need one.? I can join the car co-op.? Maybe this is just the more practical choice.

But the biggest thing I’ve noticed is not about practicality at all.

It’s this: I have not ONCE driven somewhere and arrived feeling amazing because driving is just so awesome.

But more times than not, when I walk somewhere I arrive feeling amazing because walking is just so awesome.

This morning I walked through a blizzard to get to a coffee shop to do some writing.? Between my parka and boots I am covered, from head-to-toe, in soft warmth.? I giggled as the wind whirled around me, like it was trying to give me a hug.? I looked at the cars driving past me and did not wish I was in one.

I love how walking has slowed down the pace of my life.

The act of walking instead of driving adds this kind of magical element to my days.

And I’m more present with my own needs because I can’t always just zip off and get something if I run out.? I think more carefully about how plan my days.? I cook more.

I feel freer somehow.

And yet, if you’d told me six months ago that I was going to be happily car-free this winter I would have thought you were crazy.

That one little question leads to amazing things.

What do I really want?

That is the heart of Creative Dreaming.? Being brave enough to not just listen to your heart, but act on it.


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