Everything is changing, this is why + how:

In December my blog started talking to me.? It had some pretty incredible things to say about how important my mission is and how much it supports it.

This blew my mind because until then I saw my blog as mine.? Like, a thing I made.? But, as it started talking to me I learned that it’s actually its own thing, with its own energy and its own purpose and its own heart and its own soul.

In hindsight I don’t know why this surprised me the way it did.? The way I teach Creative Dreaming, everything has its own energy and purpose and heart and soul and you need to get to know your dream on those levels before you’re ready to bring it to life.

So as I got to know the heart and soul of my blog I discovered that it is a really, like really, passionate supporter of my mission of overflowing our whole world with wishes (come true!) and dreams (fulfilled!).

And it was more than a little pissed with me because I wasn’t letting it live up to its full potential because my bullshit issues with visibility and popularity were making some things a little murky.? It was pissed off because it is a valiant supporter of me and my work and just wanted me to get on track.

So I started to work on my bullshit issues with visibility and popularity.

This is where I absolutely love that I teach all of this stuff because teaching is the best way to learn.? So I set up a visibility tele-class for the members of the Creative Dream Circle and learn we did!

That tele-class shifted everything and I discovered new levels of feeling comfortable putting more of myself out there.

And then slowly a feeling of discomfort started to creep up until – bam!? I had to take a break from blogging, vlogging (Ouch! I cringe so bad at that word!) and my weekly emails.

Oh, the emails!

As I was learning about the heart and soul and purpose of my blog, my email list (which is actually a heart shaped envelope with blue wings) also wanted to introduce itself to me and show me how big its potential is and how much I’d been holding it back, again, with my own bullshit issues.

My blog and my email list were tired of being tied to each other – they each have their own unique purpose and were holding each other back the way I had them working together.

So, when that bam!? I have to take a break feeling happened, it created an opportunity for me to re-arrange things so that everything has what it needs to grow into its full potential.

Which means I have what I need to grow into more of my full potential.

Within about 2 hours of saying “I’m taking a break” everything had shifted for me.? I could see clearly where I needed to change what.? In fact, a tiny wizard appeared in my journal (Really! Creative Journaling is the best!) and showed me this simple 3 step plan for turning what I don’t want into what I do want (soooo handy!).

My plan was ready by lunchtime.? When you get down to heart, soul and purpose things are really simple.

My blog is going to become my journal.

JOURNAL!? Journal makes me smile!? I love to journal!? I live to journal!? I love and live this so much I cannot believe I didn’t think to name my blog my journal years ago.

When I blog I am conscious of being PUBLIC.? And a part of a business.? A business that gets a lot of questions and I try to use my blog to answer them and to be helpful and you know what?? That’s not sustainable.

Not that I don’t want to be helpful… see the email part for more on that.

What becomes unsustainable about trying to be helpful on my blog is that it’s never done.? There are always new people coming in and asking things.

When I journal I am in my process, doing what I can to live what I teach and be an example.? This is how I use the tools of Creative Dream Incubation to live my dreams, every day.

Sharing that is inherently sustainable.? And satisfying.

My weekly email is going to become a free e-course: The Creative Dream Starter Kit

Email subscribers are going to get my DreamSPARK kit (A series of meditations and journaling prompts, leading you through your inner world on a magical dream journey) plus regular emails filled with helpful things – videos, meditations and thought-provoking lessons on everything you need for successful creative dreaming.

So when a new person comes in, they can sign up for this and get all the helpful things delivered right to them via the magic of my email list instead of via me writing new blog posts for them.? Not all of this material is brand new.? I have been offering free lessons and resources on my blog for years and will be compiling the best of the best of that for this course, as well as adding new pieces in.

Both my blog journal(!) and email list are very happy about this.

They both have more space to fulfill more of their potential and be more of who they are out in the world, which is what we all want.

I am so happy about all this! Yay!

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