There is a deep shift happening in our world right now.

I’ve been exploring this new mantra:

I’ve spent the past few weeks opening it up and finding out what it’s like to live inside it.

And a lot has happened as a result.? More than I can really type out and explain, of course.

The short version is that I’m taking a break from my blog.? And a break from Creative Dream TV.

Starting today, I’m diving into the deep magics of Creative Dream Incubation with a truly amazing group of dreamers.

And I’m going to give them my all.

I feel like I want to free up my energy so that I can focus it all on supporting this delicious group of dreamers in making their dreams REAL.

There is a deep shift happening in our world right now.

This is a really important time in our collective evolution.? A time of opening doors and expanding possibility.

I want to make the most of this!

I want to shift right along with the whole universe into a state of expanded possibility, creativity, success, love and joy.

And as much as I love my blog and everything about it – right now, keeping up with my blogging schedule and creating new Creative Dream TVs feels like it’s in opposition to being with the shift.

So, besides wanting to make more time to support my darling Creative Dreamers in making their wildest dreams real I also want to create more time to support me in making my wildest dreams come true.

I’d love to support you in making the most of this shift, too.

If you want to join us, the door is still open.

If not – I’m wishing you all the best and I’ll see you back here when I’m back here.

PS: You can see what Creative Dream Incubator graduates have to say about the course right here.

If you are a Creative Dream Incubator graduate and you want to join – email me, you get a FANTASTIC discount.