Failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.

Last week I promised to write more about this:

If I really, truly, honestly give it my ALL and then I fail – that would break my heart so bad I would not be able to recover.

This fear that lurks beneath a lot of Creative Dreams.

We all know that you have to be 100% committed to your Creative Dreams in order to make them real.? But facing that fear of failure (which is sometimes just a mask for fear of success) can be terrifying.

Creative Dreaming is an Act of Courage.

You start by going back to your fear.? And, even though everything inside you is screaming at you to run away from it, you turn and face it.?

(Follow the link for a video about how meeting your fears with creativity + love changes everything)

Don’t just leave it there, lurking in the shadows, poisoning your possibilities.? Face it.

Once you face it, one surprising thing starts to become clear: you are bigger than it.? You hold all the power.

I know it feels counter-intuitive, but that’s the route to your Dream Come True.? Facing your fear.

I am really happy + grateful that I get to do the creative soulful work that makes my heart sing as my full time gig.

Today I consider myself successful.? But along the way I’ve failed more times than I succeeded.

Because failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.

Failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.  Keep walking Superstar.

If you let fear of failure stop you then you’re letting it STOP YOU.

And I know you won’t do that, because you are an UNSTOPPABLE Creative Genius.

I know this is cheesy and sappy and it sounds ridiculous, but each time I got my heart broken by my dreams I found that my heart was actually broken OPEN.? Each failure opened me up to the next step on the path.

You’ve got to be willing to stumble along the Creative Dream Path.

If you really, truly, honestly give it your ALL and then you fail – yes it’s going to break your heart.

And yes you’re going to recover.

And yes it’s going to be worth it.