[FREE Tele-Class] How To STAY In The Magic


How to STAY in the MAGIC is a free tele-class for Creative Dreamers who are ready for the Creative Dream Path to be significantly easier, sparklier and more FUN.

It’s about connecting really firmly with the magic within, connecting with it so firmly that you STAY connected.

It’s about committing to remembering that you are a Creative Genius and that everything is possible for you. Always.

It’s spiritual growth work play designed specially for people who are imaginative, playful and creative.

When I say magic, I don’t mean magic as in spells and wands (unless you’re into that, of course).

I’m talking about what happens when you’re IN THE FLOW.? You know what I mean… During meditation.? Making art.? Making love.? During yoga.? That breakthrough moment after years of therapy.? We all have times when we break through the fog and connect with the magic within.

Most people on this planet are not being who they actually are.

They’re playing roles, doing what they’ve been told to do.

Your dreams call you home, back to yourself and the magic within.

So the act of making your dreams real is the act of bringing your life into alignment with who you really are. ?This is a deeply spiritual process.

Grab your journal and your phone and get ready to explore a whole new approach to making magic.

This live tele-class is completely free for everyone who is signed up for my email list.

It will be juicy, inspiring and mega-helpful. It WILL be recorded, but the recording will only be available to my Creative Dream Circle members. (The Circle is amazing, you can join it right here)


[FREE Tele-Class] How To STAY In The Magic
Tuesday, December 10, 1PM, Central (North American Time)


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At the end of the call, you will have a deeper understanding of how to get into and STAY in the MAGIC.

Like, consciously choosing to be in the magic, instead of waiting for it to just somehow (magically?!) happen to you.

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