GETTING centered, grounded and present. What does it mean?

This is the journal page I made for Centered Grounded Present (which is today!)

I wanted to share it as another reminder that your drawings can look like a three year old did them! It doesn't matter what they look like, expressing how a thing feels in your journal is really really helpful.

The energy you're in when you are making a thing look how you want it to look is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the energy of processing your feelings.

Your journal should be a safe space for processing your feelings.

There is nothing wrong with making art that looks how you want it to look and putting effort into that, but that's NOT the same as expressing and processing your feelings.

The CENTERED circle within a circle, and then the GROUNDED roots pulling down into the earth and then the PRESENT radiating out around it... this is how it feels for me today.

I felt the PRESENT as rays of light, but when I drew it, it looked like a flower and that felt right too.

I've been taking notes on what happens, how I feel, when I bring in these qualities. And I'll keep doing that on the call today.

It feels magical.

Like these qualities, together, pull me deeper into my body and into my magic. I feel powerful. And capable. And inspired. And all the good things.

I can't wait to practice in community, and then keep practicing this!

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