Getting free enough to really pursue a dream

Monday Morning live meditation + journaling session is on! It’s happening on Instagram live this morning at 10 am (Central, North America). Join me here, or catch the replay at that same link after we’re done.

We’ll do energy clearing + alchemy meditation to connect with your intuition, and get more clear on what YOU need this week to help move you towards where you want to be. Then I’ll pick journal prompt cards for some questions to help guide you through this week.

It's been a month since my husband moved out and I feel more deeply settled in my nervous system than I have in at least a year.

There is this deep calm that I feel in my bones almost all the time. I wake up in the morning feeling happy and light. I have more clarity and focus - I've almost finished a project that's been stuck for the last year!

It's not that I needed to be away from my husband.

It's that I needed alone time.

After a year of pandemic, I was starved for alone time.

And a lot of people don't understand this, or take it to mean something it doesn't mean while thinking that they DO understand.

But the thing is, I need the things that I need. Just like you need the things that you need.

And judging each other for finding ways to GET the things we need, is really the last thing anyone needs.

It's so hard sometimes to allow ourselves to have the things when need when they are different from what everyone else is doing.

I mean social media is full of beautiful quotes about following your heart and being yourself - and then it's also full of people judging you whenever you do something "different". And often it's the same people posting both.

But this is the work that grows dreams. Uncovering and living your truth.

I mean, you can't turn your life into fertile soil for dreams to grow while also conforming to what society expects you to do. You do have to choose.

We live in a garbage culture. White supremacy, ableism, sexism, the growing gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else. The way we're encouraged to conform and fit in and not even know how we REALLY feel about things, deep down. It's garbage.

And yet, we want approval from this garbage culture!

So much so that we're willing to give up our dreams to get it.

Talking about DREAMS is actually talking about something much bigger.

Your dream isn't just to write a book or grow your business or retire in a beautiful place. Your dream is about who you are and how you feel in your life when you have those things.

It's about your growth and healing and living your magic. Being who you know you really ARE.

It's worth so much more than the gifts of conformity BUT these patterns of wanting acceptance from the people around us run deep. Unhooking from them in a safe and grounded way is big work.

It's all worth it for those times when you go deep into the magic of when you getting what you need to FEEL MORE LIKE YOU. And I am just revelling in it these days.

Real freedom is NOT as far away as it seems.

It's about establishing routines that fuel and nourish you in the moment while paving the way for increasingly better tomorrows.

It's about taking the teeny tiny baby steps consistently enough that they turn into momentum.

This is what I call "showing up for your dreams" and I think this is the thing that heals ourselves - and also changes the world.

I do this work - every day - in Dream Book. It's a creative mastermind and shows you a way to journal that helps you be more effective about nurturing your gifts WHILE ALSO healing and transforming the stuff that gets in the way.

Join me here.


Getting free enough to really pursue a dream