Getting some help from my Dream Self

First, a little housekeeping: I am making some changes! I added a forum to the Dream Book website where members can start their own conversations. The forum replaces the old private blog where we could only have conversations in the comments of my blog posts.

Which means: I am going to use my public blog much more, to share what's happening in my Creative Dream Practice. Though some days I may opt to only post in the forum instead, if I want to keep some things more private.

In these posts, I will link to the practices I use - these links will only work for Dream Book members.

I feel happy about this change AND ALSO like it's a change and so there is an adjustment period where I will still be figuring out how this will all work.

But here is today's post...

Today I added to yesterday’s page

Yesterday I had done the treasure map leading to where I want to be (from fuzzy and distracted to present, creative and focused) and today I added: a drawing of my Dream Self.

This is something that can be fun to do after you’ve done the Dream Self meditation a few times (or more!) and have a good sense of connecting with this part of you. I like to just… draw without thinking and see what comes out.

These are not like the more careful kinds of drawings I do on the Dream Book printables or things like that. This is just expressing in the moment, and it feels so much more satisfying.

She wanted a butterfly behind her neck and her arms up and then I wrote out the things I noticed about how she is different from me:

She trusts her mission (I woke up with a lot of self doubt)
Believes in herself and her ideas
Loooooooves being in the process
Does not judge her dreams or her creative output (I keep having self doubt wonder if the new journals I am making are really any good)

Writing this out I think…. Maybe I need to make a journal about self doubt! Which is one of the things on my list of “journal ideas” but maybe start making notes with my ideas for it.

I think one of the projects - figuring out how my post-pandemic self wants to do marketing consistently in a way that is energizing and not depleting and also is actually effective at making my work visible for the people that it’s for - is taking a lot of mental space, and once this is figured out I will have more space for the journals.

It feels like I have been working at this for so long, I mean it’s really an extension of everything I have been trying to figure out since 2020. A lot of ways I used to do things either don’t work or don’t feel like a fit for me anymore. And then all of my own stuff with peri-menopause has made it harder for me to be consistent about working through it, so it’s like I work through a bunch of things, then drop the thread, then work through different things, then drop that thread, etc.

This is fine!!! I am not judging myself because I was always doing my best to keep showing up. I mean some days eating chips, laying in bed watching Netflix IS our best. That’s fine.

I am just noticing how this resulted in a feeling that I have just moved in circles when really I think I figured out a whole bunch of things and just need to pick up all those threads and weave them together.

And I am noticing that I am ready for a new way of doing things.

And maybe this is just another thread I am picking up that I will eventually drop… but even still, this is progress. As long as I keep showing up it will all come together.

I have that trust. My Dream Self is sending me trust. That feels like enough for today.

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Getting some help from my Dream Self

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