There is a version of you that already knows how to do all of the things you are dreaming of.

It works this way because your dreams, your inner desires, are your soul calling you towards your true self, your most authentic way of living. 

You are born with the capacity to be your true self. It’s who you’re here to be. But then as life marches on, things get muddled. You retain that capacity, but it goes kind of underground, into your inner world, while other parts of you take over as your external self.

Your dreams, the external things you want, are all pointing you towards that version of you. 

OF COURSE some dreams can get corrupted by the external world. A simple desire to offer your ideas and inspiration in a way that helps others can be transformed into a dream of being the hottest new age guru when insecurities take over. Because our dreams are leading us towards our true selves, they are rarely actually about being “the best” or “the most” because they are not about competing with everyone else! Our true selves understand that we are all connected and our dreams work best PLAYING together not competing with each other.

Fear can also corrupt our dreams to be smaller than they are. There are a million unconscious ways our culture teaches fear and self doubt in the name of conformity.

But none of the many ways our dreams get corrupted really matter. Our souls continue to hold the uncorrupted blueprint for us and we can always come back to it.

The Dream Self is the version of you who helps you do this.

This morning I had a meeting with my Dream Self and she showed me how she trusts her dreams and her self more than I do and then it feels like she send trust my way and now I have that trust too.

It can feel nonsensical and imaginary to play with your inner world in this way.

But it absolutely changes things.


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