Goodbye ABCcreativity

I am sharing a photo on my blog every day for the month of August, as a part of Susannah Conway?s August Break.? A little late with today’s photo because my! blog! was! broken!

And since you are seeing this now you know that my! blog! is! fixed!

And not just fixed but moved to its new home:

I have had for… I’m not sure how long!? I’m guessing 7 years.

I remember that I didn’t know what url to pick.? I discussed it with my friends at SARK‘s message board (which recently closed down) and my amazing friend Knoxy suggested ABCcreativity based on my username at the SARK forum.

And we played with how I could change the meanings of the A, B and C.? Like:


and stuff like that.? It felt good, it felt like a FIT.

At that time, I was doing live workshops and in-person spiritual counseling.

I had been doing my creativity workshops for a while, and wanted to get a website where I could post the dates of upcoming events. (I also wanted to start blogging and I did start a blog, and then deleted the whole thing later because it was embarrassing.)

At that time I had a part time job and was over-the-moon-blissed-out that I had time and space and money for all the things I wanted to do.? (This was after many years of being a starving artist)

I was not thinking about online workshops or leaving my part time job.? I was very happy right where I was.

And that’s where things stayed for a few years.

This post tells the story of when I realised that it was time to let my real work get bigger and let go of my day job and how I made that transition in 6 months.

That was just over 2 years ago.

I have grown exponentially in that time.? I know more now, so much more!?? About business and about vulnerability and courage and about how my real work is being who I am and living what I teach, not teaching what I teach.

I have grown exponentially and ABCcreativity doesn’t fit me anymore.

It hasn’t fit for some time.? When I see people refer to me online as Andrea from ABCcreativity I cringe a little because it feels off.

But I didn’t know what to do about it.

And now I do.

So, goodbye ABCcreativity. You have served me well, so well!

You were there when you were just 1 page announcing workshop dates and locations, you were there for my first (failed!) blog, you were there when I started to experiment with bringing my live workshops online and you were there when I decided to do this, for real, as my full time gig.

You’ve had about a zillion makeovers.? And tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Thank you, I could not have done this without you.

And I’m not leaving you, you’re coming with me!

Starting a new blog would have been easy.? Moving you, with your massive files of juicy content, is why this move was difficult, that’s why I broke my blog trying to move you.




PS: GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO Wendy for fixing my blog and getting it settled into its new home.

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