Healing the hurt of not feeling supported in my dreams.

The Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle starts Friday.

This morning, I started the day with my journal and markers, exploring what it is I want to get out of this experience.? Of course with any healing journey you tend to get what you need more than what you want, but still, I like to go in with a plan.

As I explored, I found that what it is I want to let go of is more important than what I want to bring in.

It’s easier and more fun to think about what you want to invite in, but if you don’t clear some space and make things nice and comfy for your guests, they’re not going to stay.

See, I have had some really painful experiences around not being supported with my dreams.

What I have found is that there is a ceiling on the amount and type of support some people are willing/able to give.? And there tends to be more support for “the underdog” than there is for “the empowered creative genius”.? Which is STUPID.

And it hurts.

And that hurt is messing with my vibe.? And causing me to doubt myself and (sub-consciously) look for ways to sabotage success and stay small so I don’t encounter more of it.

Which is bullshit.

So I have been sorting through and shining light and bringing clarity, wisdom and healing into these patterns and beliefs… creating space inside me so I can invite in more of what I want.

This is a big job!? So I’m going to keep doing this all summer.

With meditation and journaling and CREATIVE PLAY.? Because this stuff is really hard and play makes it easier.

Creative journaling creates a space that allows for the magic of transformation to happen in really bautiful ways. (And if you didn’t guess from my photo above, you don’t exactly have to be a master artist to do it)

If you want to join me, the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle is a gorgeous safe space for exploring what it is you need to get rid of, to make space for more of what you want in your life.? I would love to see you there!

PS If you’re curious about what happens the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle you can read through the posts I wrote when I first did this Circle 2 years ago:

Of course, this is a healing journey so each journey is unique… you will have your own unique discoveries, revelations and transformations.

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