Hello 41


I kind of don’t want to post this because it seems too cheesy and pollyanna-y but this is where I’m at.

It’s Sunday night.? I’ve got a belly full of my favourite pizza which I just ate in the park with my family for my birthday dinner.? I turn 41 on Monday.? (I’m thinking that having birthday pizza the day before my birthday may be a good tradition to start – so that I’ll have birthday pizza for breakfast.)

I’ve got my laptop in bed and the windows are open.? (Normally on my birthday it’s a bit too chilly for picnics and open windows at night and I am super grateful for this.)

My life feels fuller than I am used to which is sometimes overwhelming but mostly my heart is happy.? Life just feels like a great big celebration and I am so grateful to be here.

When I think about turning 41 all I can think of is wanting to go back in time and hug past-mes and let them know that it’s all going to be OK.?? That my creative work will one day be happily received by the world and I’ll be able to make a living doing things that make my soul sing.? That I’ll figure out how to live at peace with myself.? That I’ll learn how to really trust myself and take care of myself.? That all the love I need is right here.

And I want to hug all the past mes for doing the work that got me to this place.

And then I want to marvel about what could come next.

Life is so short, but so deep and I am grateful for another year.

I’m also grateful for YOU, reading this.? Thank you for being here.

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